Cat collages

We were talking about taking photos with the iPad at work the other day. All of our branches have an iPad & the staff can use them to take photos of events. One of our very clever Virtual Media Team sent out some tips about how to take good photos with the iPad. So, of course, I immediately started playing around with filters, autofocus & zoom. Then, M showed me a few free apps that can create collages. Well, I could see the advantage of this as I have a lot of photos of the girls on my iPad & now I could spend hours rearranging them with different frames, filters & all sorts of effects. So, here are my first results. Some of my favourite photos of Lucky,


& Abby.

I also had some photos of the garden so here’s a floral collage.

I can see myself spending hours collaging away (is collaging a verb?). I downloaded the InstaFrame app but there are lots of free apps to have a look at.

10 thoughts on “Cat collages

  1. It was fun & I can see I need to take more photos of the girls to play with. You can email the collages or share them on social media. InstaFrame has lots of features for a free app.


  2. Lovely pictures! How clever you are.

    Sadly my Jamie died very suddenly on 29 August and all the photos I have of him (and there were a lot) are very precious.

    We now have a little lady named Lulu living with us. She's what is called a site to site transfer through my local branch of Cats Protection, so she wasn't fostered before coming to us. It's early days but things are going reasonably well.

    I've been told it was a testament to Jamie's nice nature that we wanted another cat and I think that was a lovely thing to hear.

    Greetings from a wet, windy and cold Scotland.



  3. I'm sorry to hear about Jamie. It's always a shock when we lose a pet but I hope Lulu is making you feel better. When Abby died, I only lasted 3 months before going to the shelter to adopt Lucky & Phoebe. I was surprised how lonely it was at home without a cat. It's been a cold week in Melbourne for the time of year but is set to warm up next week.


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