Lucky & Phoebe


I realised that I hadn’t properly “christened”my new blog as I haven’t shared any new photos of Lucky & Phoebe. It’s been an unusually cool start to summer here (apart from two hot days last week) so I took the opportunity yesterday to steam my Christmas pudding – having the stove on for 8 hours is more appealing on a 20C day than a 38C day.My reading chair is the favourite vantage point for both girls to supervise whatever I happen to be doing in the kitchen. Phoebe prefers the back of the chair.

phoebechairsleepnov16I’m not sure how much supervising was going on because less than 5 minutes after I took the first photo, she was fast asleep (until I appeared with the camera when she opened her eyes but didn’t otherwise move). She often sleeps with her head right down among the cushions like that.

luckynov16Lucky, on the other hand, was happily sitting on my lap until I got up to add more water to the saucepan.The reproachful, slightly wary look is her usual expression when I creep up with the camera trying to take photos.

Have a good week everyone.