Phoebe & Lucky’s weekend

I can always tell when autumn has arrived & winter’s on the way because both Lucky & Phoebe spend a lot more time inside looking for cosy places to sleep. Lucky’s favourite places will always be under a blanket or rug. This is her new favourite place. It always amazes me how she manages to roll herself up so snugly.

She hasn’t given up on my old dressing gown which she’s loved since she first arrived.

It was Abby’s favourite place too, although she always snuggled down on top of it rather than underneath.

As soon as I sit down in the evening, Lucky’s right there, impatiently sitting on the arm of the chair until I’m ready to provide her living electric blanket service.

Sometimes, Phoebe beats her to it though.

Phoebe also follows me around & whenever I sit down – at the computer, at breakfast – she’s right there, holding her chin up for a tickle. As soon as she sees that I’ve brought out my Shetland wool blanket for the bed, she assumes I’ve done it for her benefit & sleeps there every night.

They don’t sleep all the time, though. I bought a new toaster a few weeks ago & Phoebe was more interested in the box,

especially when she spied Lucky on the other side of the room & thought she was invisible because she was in the box. Lucky ignored her, as usual.

19 thoughts on “Phoebe & Lucky’s weekend

  1. I could just smooch them to death (you know what I mean)! They are adorable.

    When it gets cold here, Deacon will look at me…then at the spot next to me on the sofa. Big hint!


  2. Cats and boxes 🙂

    At the moment Jamie is alternating between a spare bed and an armchair, but loves nothing more than snoozing on our bed in the morning when he has breakfasted and we are in the process of getting up and ready for the day. He is a cat of particular habits first thing in the morning and we have taken to calling our bed “Pride Rock”.

    He has us well trained 🙂



  3. Phoebe was so cosy on my bed this morning that I would have left her there & gone to work without making my bed if she hadn't moved. What would my mother have thought?! Anyone who has a cat is well-trained, I think.


  4. Our 16 year old Charlie Brown is just like Lucky, he lives under rugs and doonas. When he had to stay at the vets a couple of years ago he would not settle until one of the nurses tried an igloo basket! Your girls are as sweet and funny as my boys.


  5. These two are adorable and so typical of cats. Under a blanket and in a box. On top of everything. Cats are really into prepositions. I love my two cats and three dogs and they give me a laugh everyday. Now yours are also giving me a laugh. That is the value of animals. Here is to sleeping through winter cold under things !


  6. I'm glad there's another cat like Lucky out there! I was starting to think it was just her. I bought her an igloo because I thought she'd like it but I think it was still too exposed. I saw a photo of another one that just has an entrance at the top & she might like that but for now I think I'll stick with the blankets. I've given 4 unused beds to the shelter already over the last couple of years.


  7. They do make me laugh every day although I don't think I amuse them as much as they amuse me! We're all looking forward to winter. I just have to make sure there are lots of potential beds on every piece of furniture in the house.


  8. Wonderful photos, Lyn. Oh how I wish I could keep a cat or two. We always had cats growing up. To my mind, a house isn't a home without a cat asleep somewhere. 🙂 But somehow I developed a severe allergy in later years and that was that. I have my dog, of course, but I'd still like a cat. (Of course Rocky doesn't know that.)


  9. Always love looking at you pictures of the cats. Our cat used to love cardboard boxes, in the end we just put a blanket in one and they slept in there. That was until they scratched through it…and we had to get another box.


  10. That happened to me as well. I had a large box that my TV arrived in & before i could break it down for the recycling, the girls had taken it over. I left it in the spare room for them until it was really too awful & then recycled it. I don't know why we spend money on beds & toys for them when they're happy with ordinary things.


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