Sunday Poetry – Christmas


I love this carol, which is spritely & tells the Nativity story briskly & beautifully. The tune is 16th century but the words were written by George Ratcliffe Woodward in 1901. You can hear King’s College Choir singing it here & here are the Rice Philharmonics who, I’ve just discovered are an a cappella group from Rice University in Texas.

Ding-dong, ding:
        Ding-dong, ding-dong:

Up! good Christen folk, and listen
How the merry church bells ring,
And from steeple
Bid good people
Come adore the new-born King:

Tell the story how from glory
God came down at Christmastide,
Bringing gladness,
Chasing sadness,
Show’ring blessings far and wide.

Born of mother, blest o’er other,
Ex Maria Virgine,
In a stable
(‘Tis no fable),
Christus natus hodie.

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