The 1938 Club begins!

As a way of jumping straight in to the 1938 Club, organised by Simon from Stuck In A Book & Karen from Kaggsy’s Bookish Rambles, here are a few links to posts I’ve written about books published in 1938. I realised how many books I’ve read that were published in 1938 but lots of them were read pre-blog so I have no record of them.

It’s not too late to get involved as there are some great short books, like Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop, that could be read in a week.
George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia is a fascinating account of his service during the Spanish Civil War. The publication of the book in 1938, on the brink of another, much larger war, hopefully gave some people pause for thought.

Enid Bagnold’s novel, The Squire, is a beautifully-written novel about a woman’s total absorption in her own thoughts & feelings as she prepares to give birth.

The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehouse – what can I say? Bertie & Jeeves, perfection!

Royal Escape by Georgette Heyer isn’t one of her Regency novels. This is the story of Charles II’s escape after the Battle of Worcester. I loved it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading this week. I’m sure to find more to add to my tbr shelves.

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