Fingers crossed, I think it’s autumn

I don’t want to tempt Fate or Providence or any other higher power but it feels as though summer is over & autumn is just around the corner. After last year’s heatwaves & very hot weather, this summer has been mild in comparison. Still, I’m looking forward to autumn & winter as much as ever. Cool, crisp nights & early mornings, Sunday afternoons reading & drinking tea with a cat on my lap, making soup & filling the freezer with pasta sauce. Perfect!

I took these photos of Phoebe & Lucky last weekend. The nights are drawing in, the pre-season football competition has started (my only interest in football is that the beginning of the season means that it’s autumn) & the weather has turned quite cool for this time of year.

Of course, a week of mild temperatures & a few brown leaves doesn’t mean that summer can’t make a return but I’m only thinking positive thoughts. Lucky & Phoebe are thinking positive thoughts too & they’re already scouting out the warmest places to sit near the heater or on my bed, ready to stake a claim.

My final piece of evidence is the clincher. Here is Phoebe on her purple bed on the back porch for the first time since last Spring. I put the girls’ daybeds out on the porch every day but they hardly ever use them in the summer. Definitive proof that the weather is getting cooler. Maybe I should contract Phoebe out to the Bureau of Meteorology as a forecaster?

16 thoughts on “Fingers crossed, I think it’s autumn

  1. Love your cats. I can't bear to think our summer is over so I have decided not to celebrate autumn's beginning until the equinox so a couple of more weeks yet. I never mind the cold, just the dark. Enjoy your days with the falling leaves and your cats.


  2. Oddly, I am now feeling that spring is on the way! The days are getting longer, we have blue skies and sunshine (but a very cold wind), and there are snowdrops in bloom, and pansies, and catkins on trees, and we've even seen birds flying off with twiggy bits and pieces, presumably to build nests.


  3. We'll always be at opposite ends of the weather spectrum. That's what I like about reading blogs from the UK & US, watching the seasons change from a different perspective.


  4. Autumn is my favourite season but I am so very ready to welcome a bit of heat! I'm desperate to throw open the patio door and raise the windows after a long cold winter. You're welcome to her, Lyn! As for the animals in our lives…the colder it gets, the further Deacon wiggles under the bed. Give the kitties a cuddle for me!
    Oh, and I left you a message about Home Front on my blog but since I'm here…I feel the same as you *sigh*.


  5. Well, you've had such a bad winter that it's natural that you should be looking forward to some warmth. We all do lots more snuggling as the weather gets colder so I know how Deacon feels.
    I'm afraid last week's Home Front is still languishing on my iPad so I don't know if I'll bother listening to it anymore. I have so many other things to listen to. It's such a shame.


  6. When I was watering the pots this afternoon (as it is *still* warm and there's been no decent rain for ages), I noticed the grapevine's leaves were turning red, so I think you're right! I hope so – this has been a very dry summer in Adelaide.


  7. Aren't these lovely – any one of them would make a beautiful card! Perfect spring weather here in California, 70 F, abundant sunshine, purple lupines in bloom…but we never had any winter anyway!


  8. I love looking at photos of your cats. I wish I felt that spring was on its way, but I see no signs of it. Our cat, Turtle, continues to jam herself under the radiator in the dining room or to lie on top of the one in the living room. She gets so hot I don't understand why she doesn't spontaneously combust! Enjoy your autumn.


  9. We've had quite a humid summer which is unusual for Melbourne. My two water tanks have stayed nearly full throughout (I only use them for watering the garden) & we haven't had a day over 40 all summer which is the first time in ages that that's happened. For me, that's a good summer (although I don't enjoy the humidity).


  10. I missed the news about the snow but I'm not surprised. This morning it was cool, cloudy & grey. Lucky was back under her blanket when I went to work, having another snooze. I wouldn't have minded staying home either… although it's Labour Day on Monday so I can't complain.


  11. Thanks Joan. It always amazes me that cats don't mind the heat in winter & will get as close to the heater as possible but in summer, they just collapse. Must be a different kind of heat. I'm glad Turtle is staying warm.


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