Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who visits I Prefer Reading from Phoebe, looking very much at home among the books on my crowded desk

& Lucky, looking slightly wary as ever & ready to dash off at any moment.

I hope everyone has a happy day whatever you plan to do. I’ll be having lunch with my family at my nephew’s house & the weather is looking perfect, warm & sunny. Once Christmas is over, I’m looking forward to ten days holiday & the difficult task of coming up with my Top 10 books of the year.

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Good morning Lyn, Merry Christmas to you dear girl. We are having a lovely quiet Christmas at home, I am bone weary at the end of the year. We now have 19 days off in which I'll be devouring my new pile of Alexander McCall Smith.


  2. Very sweet cards – the cats look exquisite and the design is lovely. Cats are kind of crawling over our Christmas card but ours are a scruffy lot. Lyn, warmest best wishes to you for a healthy happy New Year!


  3. Thanks Lisa. I'm still dithering about my Top 10. I think I'll be cheating slightly as I read lots of pairs of books this year & I don't think I can separate them. We'll see.


  4. Thanks Fleur, we had a great day. Weather was perfect, warm & mid 20s. Today it's cooler & raining heavily at the moment which to me is just as lovely! Not so good for the Boxing Day Test I suppose but I won't be watching that!


  5. Merry Christmas Rose. Enjoy your break. AMS is the perfect author for those times when you just want pleasantly comforting reading. It's good to have some time off before gearing up for another year.


  6. Thanks Vicki, the weather here was perfect, about 25 degrees & today it rained which was even better – for the garden, anyway. I hope you had a good day yesterday & a happy New Year ahead.


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