TBR 999 & 1,000

Here they are, nos 999 & 1,000 on my tbr shelves. Very appropriately, they’re two recent books from Greyladies, Parson’s Nine by Noel Streatfeild & Gin and Murder by Josephine Pullein-Thompson.

And for my next challenge? Well, according to Library Thing, I have 2,775 books. How long would it take for me to round that up to 3,000? Maybe I should just calm down & read a few of the great unread before I buy any more…

8 thoughts on “TBR 999 & 1,000

  1. She wrote three mysteries, according to the Introduction to GAM. Greyladies are publishing a second one, Murder Strikes Pink, later this year. I'm looking forward to reading this one.


  2. Yes, I've decided to stop worrying about my books & just enjoy them, even though I do sometimes panic because I can't decide what to read next. It's not much of a problem, though, is it?


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