Anything you can do…

Lucky & Phoebe have very definite ideas about their favourite cosy places. Lucky loves to sleep under her blanket (really my old dressing gown) & I’ve never seen Phoebe anywhere near this much-loved but battered piece of cloth before. So, I was amazed to see Phoebe settle down on the edge of the blanket the other night. I was even more amazed when Lucky scrambled underneath & went to sleep anyway.

The next day, Lucky had obviously decided that she would show Phoebe that no cosy spot was out of bounds & climbed up on the top of the new chair I bought a few months ago. This has been Phoebe’s spot since the day it arrived but Lucky had decided that all’s fair in love & war. She looked very comfortable, too.

Another prime spot in this cold weather is in front of the wall heater. This is Lucky’s place but she looks a little disconcerted to find Phoebe staking a claim. Lucky looks as if she’s appealing to a higher authority (Me) to make an adjudication on this point but I’m not going to get involved. Of course, there would be plenty of room if they would just snuggle up together but I don’t see that happening…

I can’t resist adding this photo I took yesterday morning. It was the coldest morning in Melbourne for 16 years (0.5C in my suburb) & we all had trouble getting out of bed. At least it was Sunday & we could sleep in a bit. I thought we were all up & ready for the day until I went in to make the bed & found Phoebe under the doona. Normally she sleeps on top of the doona (or on top of me). She must have got a shock when she stuck her nose out of the catflap because she wasn’t outside for very long. The frosty morning became a beautiful winter’s day as they often do but it took courage to take that first step & Phoebe wasn’t quite ready…

15 thoughts on “Anything you can do…

  1. Thanks Val. They're definitely creatures of habit, except when they decide to do something completely radical every now & then. I wish my two would snuggle up together but they just don't. Maybe I have to wait for their twilight years.


  2. Lucky has always liked to be invisible while Phoebe (when she's not under the doona) likes to be as high up & visible as possible! I'm glad I saw Phoebe before I whipped the doona off to change the sheets!


  3. Coldest morning in Adelaide in August since 1888 this morning. I only had one of the cats to stave off hypothermia! (I love that picture of them sitting in front of the heater, neither wishing to cooperate in warm-sharing.)


  4. I love the photos and stories of your cats. We're down to one cat, from a high of nine (!), and we sometimes worry that she's lonely since she's never been the only pet in our house. But, I really think she's enjoying our undivided attention and the availability of laps!


  5. It's nice to have a cold snap though, isn't it? Lucky is a very effective lap warmer on cold evenings but I couldn't get Phoebe off my bed this morning even though it's much warmer than yesterday. I had to leave the house with the bed unmade – my poor mother would be horrified!


  6. I can't imagine having nine cats! I'm sure your solitary cat is enjoying her dictatorship. She probably thinks this is how life was always meant to be.


  7. I love hearing about your cats too……..

    Living in rural Scotland and experiencing many cold and snowy winters Jamie would consider 0.5C a balmy spring day. However he does like his creature comforts and as with most cats has ways of manipulating his humans into getting exactly what he wants.

    Ah me…



  8. I'm always very aware of how mild our winters are compared to other parts of the world but Lucky & Phoebe don't know that! Actually, I'd rather have colder winters than the very hot summers we can have here. Cooling off is harder for cats & people than warming up. All cats are manipulators & superior intelligences, that's how they get the comfy lives they enjoy!


  9. That's true. When it gets hot here Jamie enjoys it for so long, then starts getting uncomfortable.

    Last summer was a hot one (by our standards anyway) and he began drinking water from the bird bath which is kept on the ground so that hedgehogs and other creatures can get to it as well. Normally Jamie is very fastidious and only drinks clean running water from the bathroom tap, but now he drinks from the bird bath too.

    Perhaps he imagines himself as a lion on the African savannah and king of all he surveys. Which he pretty much is……



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