Midwinter cats

If it’s midwinter, it must be time to stay as warm as possible & get some sleep. My lap is the favoured place for both Lucky,

and Phoebe.

There have been a few standoffs when my lap is occupied & the unlucky cat thought a snooze there was going to be just the thing. Usually the rejected one simply moves off to another favourite spot with a little encouragement & a few hurt looks. The chair I bought a few months ago has found favour with both Lucky & Phoebe. Sometimes they both occupy it at the same time – it’s big enough. Although, I hope you’ve noticed that there’s no room for me…

6 thoughts on “Midwinter cats

  1. They were both very warm & cosy when I left them to come to work this morning! I would have loved to have stayed home with them, it was very chilly at 7am. Another Sunday would have suited me nicely.


  2. I'd really like Jamie to sleep on my lap, but he won't. He's not a lap cat and I don't know if this is his natural inclination, or whether he was discouraged by his previous guardian. I won't say owner because I'm not sure cats can really be owned and in respect of his lifestyle, I think it is Jamie who owns us!

    However he certainly likes to sleep and varies the places where he does so just to keep us on our toes. For the moment Jamie is actually in his basket, but in about a week he'll move on somewhere else in the house. Leaving a trail of cat hairs behind him…….



  3. Isn't it funny how they change their favourite sleeping spots? Lucky has the same two or three places (apart from my lap) but Phoebe moves around a lot. The top of the chair & the bottom of my bed are the current favourites. Neither of them have liked baskets. I've bought several over the years (including a very posh igloo) but I've donated them all to the shelter & now just let them sleep on me or the furniture.


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