Giving in to temptation

It probably won’t surprise anyone who reads this blog to know that I bought Margot Asquith’s Great War Diary. After writing about it here, it was only a matter of time, really. I bought it at an end of financial year sale at Bookworld, so it was 15% off plus free postage – a bargain! I’m glad I have it now because I’ve just watched an excellent three part drama series called 37 Days, about the weeks leading up to the beginning of WWI from the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife until the declaration of war.
Sinead Cusack plays Margot, &, as a segue into the post that’s coming up on Thursday, I’ve just been watching Cusack’s husband, Jeremy Irons, play Frank Tregear in The Pallisers 40 years ago. I hadn’t realised that Irons & Anthony Andrews had acted together before their famous roles in Brideshead Revisited but, here they are as best friends seven years earlier as Andrews plays Lord Silverbridge in The Pallisers.

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