Penguin Deluxe

I’ve just bought two more of these beautiful Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions. They are so beautiful that I can’t resist. I have to blame Pam of Travellin’ Penguin for the copy of Moby Dick. She’s reading along with a group read of this &, although I’m too late to join in, I’m enjoying reading her impressions of the book (Pam’s blog is worth reading for lots of other reasons, from the stories about her gorgeous pets to her journeys around Tasmania on her motorbike & her extensive collection of Penguin Books). It’s a book I’ve always wanted to read & I already have a Vintage Classics edition on the tbr shelves but this one is so lovely… I also have problems buying only one book at a time so I bought Dante’s Divine Comedy as well.

I have several other Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions, mostly of books I already have in other editions, sometimes several other editions. There’s no reason to have another copy of Persuasion (three other copies), Cold Comfort Farm (one other copy) or Ethan Frome (two other copies). I’ve also just realised that I also have ebooks of the Austen & Wharton… I’ve written before of this disturbing habit of owning multiple copies of a book & I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one & that, four years later, nothing’s changed in this house.

I only own one copy of Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter & it’s a Penguin Deluxe but it’s the book I feel guiltiest about. Back in 2007, Dani at A Work in Progress, was reading this book (actually three books in one volume) & I bought a copy fully intending to read along. Well, I didn’t, & it’s still on the tbr shelves although I’m so glad to own such a beautiful book. I think that cover is one of my favourites of all the books I own.

Apart from beautiful cover design, the Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions also have good paper, clear print &, most important of all, a flexible spine so that they sit comfortably in the hand without needing to crack the spine to keep them open. Here’s the website if you want to be tempted. I still want the Sense and Sensibility (three other copies)…

4 thoughts on “Penguin Deluxe

  1. I love Penguin Deluxe classics. I bought the Moby Dick copy and fully intended to join the read-along. Oh well, maybe next time. I lent my copy of Cold Comfort Farm and I need to replace it. Also, I really love the Penguin Deluxe Classic Thread editions! I only have two more to collect. The covers are beautiful embroidered works and the French flaps on the inside show the back of the needlework. I love to embroider so I am particularly enamored with this collection.


  2. Oh yes, I've got the thread Emma, I forgot! I'm very easily seduced by a beautiful book. Much as I love my ereader, I could never live without physical books as well, especially when they're as beautiful as these.


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