Roses in winter

I’ve never seen this before, roses & daphne blooming at the same time. It’s winter here in Melbourne, although it’s been very mild over the last few months.
I was amazed to notice buds on my roses the other day, just as I was thinking about pruning them. This morning, I was more amazed to see that a few of them had blossomed. If this isn’t a sign of a change in the climate, or at least the coming of another El Nino weather system, I don’t know what is.

4 thoughts on “Roses in winter

  1. I bought Black Russian tomatoes at the farmer's market this morning, also very late, I'd have thought. The man selling strawberries was there as well & I don't remember seeing him past May at the latest in earlier years. I don't fancy strawbs in winter so didn't buy any but they were there if I'd wanted them.


  2. So that's daphne. Reminds me of the moment in Louisa May Alcott's An Old-Fashioned Girl, when Polly takes daphne to her friend Fanny who is delighted and says it will give odor to her camellias.


  3. It's one of the most sweetly scented plants I know, Diana, so it would definitely give scent to camellias which have no scent at all. Along with lavender & freesias, it's one of my favourite scents.


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