Phoebe chilling out

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend everyone. Phoebe is always completely relaxed, no matter where she finds herself.

Edited to add: I was sitting in the study a little while ago & turned around to get Moby Dick off the tbr shelves (it’s a long story which involves buying another copy of MD even though I haven’t read the copy I already have) & noticed how beautiful the shelves looked in the late afternoon autumn sunshine. I grabbed the iPad to take this photo & then noticed that

Lucky was sitting on the window sill looking gorgeous although puzzled as to why I was so excited to see her in a good spot for a photo where she couldn’t immediately wind herself around my legs to avoid the camera. Just a completely normal Saturday afternoon at our house.

12 thoughts on “Phoebe chilling out

  1. Your cats are gorgeous. I love them. Love the pink nose on Phoebe. Cousin Eddie was caught lying under my doona today with the heating blanket under him. We had a very cold day down here in Tassie today. I grabbed my camera too and will have to post it one day.


  2. Lovely cat photos/observations..As I type there is a disgruntled wowling going on in the background …Eldest Cat (Somewhat IQ Challenged) is shut in the den “AND DOES NOT LIKE THIS” We shut them in the den over night now so we aren't awakened by his midnight hunting trips …he captures stray balls of wool or the dogs soft toys (or the kids toys for that matter) and progresses around the house bellowing “LOOK WHAT I HAVE” at the very top of his lungs…'s quite a memorable experience that we are happy to forgo…


  3. Phoebe is always relaxed when she's not manically at the other extreme. She's dozing on my lap right now after a very busy morning exploring her territory. I looked out the window as I was doing housework earlier to see her walking along the top of the side fence. It's raining now so she's come inside.


  4. I didn't know about your blog, Joan, but I've just been over to have a look. It's lovely, I'll enjoy reading more of it later. Love the photo of Turtle. She & Lucky should probably be in therapy together. Both nervy & insecure!


  5. I'd love to see the photo of Eddie. I found Phoebe under the blanket on my bed one cold evening too. Usually she snuggles up to me on top of the bed but I hadn't gone to bed yet & she obviously was too cold to wait. I hope you realise it's your fault I'm buying that beautiful edition of Moby Dick?!


  6. Thanks Val. Lucky's much more settled during the winter than she is in summer when she often wants to go out in the middle of the night & is not happy when she can't go. Phoebe, on the other hand, always sleeps through the night.


  7. Thanks Yvette. It's so hard to get a good photo of Lucky as she just won't pose – unlike Phoebe. This was a perfect opportunity & luckily the iPad was right there.


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