Snoozing on a Saturday afternoon

I wish I could say it was autumn here in Melbourne but it’s not feeling crisply autumnal just yet. The nights are drawing in, we’ve had some cool mornings, it’s dark when I leave for work but we’re also still having some warm, humid days. Saturday started out cool & cloudy but by early afternoon, the sun was out & Lucky was taking the chance to relax on her futon,

& roll around in the sunny patterns from the trellis on the back porch.

I always have to be careful walking down the back steps because Phoebe’s favourite spot is about halfway down. There’s a shot from above,

& one from the bottom of the steps.

After all, why choose somewhere safe to sleep (such as her fluffy purple velvet bed) when she can snooze on a step where one roll backwards would send her falling to the concrete beneath?

Probably the same reason she likes to sleep on the back of my chair (unlike Lucky, who takes the sensible option) & climb on the rooftops. She’s a daredevil.

14 thoughts on “Snoozing on a Saturday afternoon

  1. We're all looking forward to the cooler weather, that's for sure. I hope today will be the last hot day (31C). Cool change tomorrow & the clocks go back on Saturday so autumn should start now! A playful kitten would probably make Deacon sit up & take notice. He might enjoy that…


  2. Today in Hobart was 31 ! Weird but to be 16 Thursday. Go figure. Love the pictures of your cats. Love pet photos. Your Lucky looks like our tabby kitten Eddie. He is so sweet but what a little devil at times. Cats are so much fun. Our two keep us laughing all the time w/ the 3 dogs. They all love each other. Glad yours are looking well.


  3. I love looking at photos of people's pets. You have two lovely cats. We used to have a cat who liked to sleep on the stairs, too. And one who liked to leave one of her toys there for us to slip on and fall! I think it was a game for her.


  4. I'm looking forward to the cool change this morning, Pam. I'm glad all your animals get along. Lucky & Phoebe tolerate each other but they'll never be the best of friends, I'm afraid. Still, they're healthy & happy, that's the main thing.


  5. Oh I so wish I could keep a cat these days. I have my chihuahua, Rocky, to keep me company of course, but there's nothing like a sleepy cat. Unfortunately I developed a nasty allergy as I grew older (we always had cats when I was a kid) and that was that. Lucky you. Love those lazy pix of your cats.:)


  6. A cat named Phoebe! I had a cat named Lucky years ago, but was gray and white so looked more like Phoebe than your Lucky. Name came because we found him as a young kitten sitting on the center stripe of a local road.


  7. Jamie is asleep on another chair right behind me as I type this. He's on the “computer” chair and when I found him I did not have the heart to turf him off, so I found another chair to use. 🙂

    As you do 🙂



  8. Your Lucky definitely lived up to his name! My Lucky is quite timid so I don't think she had a very happy life before she ended up in the shelter. Even nearly three years after she came to live with me, she still jumps at the slightest noise or fast movement.


  9. And don't they know it? It's Saturday afternoon again & they've been snoozing in exactly the same places. The clocks go back tonight so I'm hoping for some really autumnal weather from now on.


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