Keeping me nervously on my toes

Phoebe loves climbing & luckily she’s good at it. Usually when I see her climbing on the roof from the back porch, I stay inside as it makes me feel very nervous. The other day, though, as she supervised me while I washed the car, I thought I’d take a few photos so you could all feel nervous too.

She is on the roof, you can see the TV aerial in the background.

She likes to make me nervous by calculating the distance to the ground…
As it’s a very long drop, I’m glad that she’s never taken that option. She always gets down the same way she climbs up.

11 thoughts on “Keeping me nervously on my toes

  1. A friend of mine has a cat that loves pinching the socks from the neighbour's clothes horse on the back verandah. Why the neighbours don't dry their socks somewhere else, I have no idea! Yes, sometimes blissful ignorance is best.


  2. Oh, gosh that would make me nervous too! I always worry if the cats go off the garden especially Chloe as she is now deaf and I can't shout her back any more. Luckily now they are nearly 18 (next month) they don't stray too far:)


  3. I'll look forward to the day when they stop wandering (Lucky) & climbing (Phoebe). My other cat, Abby, was elderly when she came to live with me & I never saw her leave the property or climb higher than my lap – which was much more restful! 18 sounds like a very restful age.


  4. Phoebe was climbing inside a play cage at the shelter when I first met her so I shouldn't have been surprised really. She was 14 months old & obviously already an experienced climber. Sounds as though Eddie is in the same mould. Good luck!


  5. Jamie was nine when he came to live with me and next month he'll be twelve (not that I'm keeping count!), so he had lost most of his young cat ways and never strays far from the house. He'll climb over the fence into next door's garden (a half derelict cottage) and will very occasionally use a handily placed tree as well. He once made it to the roof of the shed and everyone (I had family visiting at the time) stood open mouthed to watch his progress.

    Lucky for Jamie we live in a rural area and there are lots of places round and about for him to explore without him running the risk of digging up flower beds and the like. As I said, he never goes far, but give him an empty box and he's one happy cat đŸ™‚



  6. Apart from sleeping in the veggie garden, Phoebe doesn't dig up the garden either, which is good. I'm glad Jamie doesn't climb. Lucky's the same. She'll climb over the fence to visit my neighbours but that's about it. She's a bigger cat & not as agile. I'd like to think Phoebe will grow out of it as she gets older.


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