Summer garden in shades of green & lemon

Katrina asked to see some photos of my garden & Saturday was a perfect day to take some as the weather was quite dull so no glare. The garden is mostly in shades of green & lemon at the moment. even my lemons are green!

I’m very excited about my tomatoes this year. A friend gave me some seedlings she’d grown of heirloom varieties & they’ve done very well. All the plants are about 5 foot high & I have fruit on all of them. This is Rouge de Marmande above.

Then there’s Black Cherry,

and Red Pear.

I’ve been eating zucchinis for a while now. Over the weekend I made tuna & zucchini risotto & a zucchini cake to take in to work. I only have one plant but that’s quite enough.

Then, there’s the butternut pumpkin. I’m already looking for pumpkin recipes as there are lots of tiny pumpkins on the vine.

I’m also a bit worried as it seems to be taking over the whole back yard… How big are they supposed to grow? Just as well I like pumpkin!

I also convinced the girls to pose for a few photos. Here’s Phoebe in front of the zucchini

and peering through the daphne at Lucky

who, as usual, looks as though she’s about to take off.

13 thoughts on “Summer garden in shades of green & lemon

  1. Aah summer…!!! I am glad that somewhere in the world there is sunshine, and warmth, and no rain…!!!! I am aware that we really are very lucky where I live, and that things could be far, far worse, but I am of tired of heavy rain, high winds and a leaden sky. Roll on spring! And a very Happy New Year to you.


  2. What gorgeous veges! I can answer your pumpkin question: as far as they can go. We had one last year that grew from the compost bin (!) and took off across the whole garden. It was most impressive and very prolific without any attention at all.


  3. Happy New Year, Christine. I hope you get a little sunshine soon. We haven't really had much of a summer in terms of heat. I'm not complaining but I would like just enough to ripen my tomatoes!


  4. It's looking great Lyn! Your plants are so lush and you obviously are getting a good harvest. We had a problem with fruit fly on Rouge de Marmande last year, just thought I'd give you a heads up to keep a very close eye on it. It may be that yo don't have the fruit fly issues we do.


  5. Thanks for the fruit fly tip, Rose. I've just googled & there seems to have been an outbreak a few years ago but I haven't heard of anything lately. I've never grown heirloom varieties before though so I'll be on the lookout. I can't wait to eat my first tomato!


  6. All looking very lush and green with plenty of places for Phoebe and Lucky to hide in the cool. When we grew pumpkins a couple of years ago they grew quite large as each plant spread quite away across the raised bed they'd been planted in:)


  7. Lucky & Phoebe like to sleep under the house when it's hot but they also have favourite spots in the garden. I do think the pumpkin has a mind of its own, I'll have to keep an eye on it!


  8. We used to have a lovely garden before we moved back to the city and grew many heirloom varieties. I think the heirlooms have much more flavor than the usual types. I love all the colors in the heirlooms, too.


  9. Thanks for that Lyn (we're busy looking for a new home at the moment so I was late getting here). It's lovely to see your toms, I struggle to grow them even in a greenhouse and I've only grown the more common ones but they still taste better than the shop bought toms. At the moment I'm waiting for my snowdrops to pop up.


  10. Good luck with the house search, it does tend to take over your life, doesn't it? This is the first year I've grown heirlooms but anything home grown tastes better than the supermarket variety.


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