Cats & gardens

Summer has been slow in coming this year. There have been a few hot days but many cooler ones & quite a bit of rain which has been lovely for filling up my water tanks & watering the garden so that I don’t have to. I’ve been very lucky with my veggie garden as a friend who grows heirloom tomatoes gave me some seedlings from her greenhouse & they’re doing very well. They were a good size when I planted them about a month ago but they have taken off in this lovely weather & there are flowers on all the plants already. I have five varieties, a Black Russian, a Black Cherry, Tigerella, Rouge de Marmande & Red Pear. She also gave me a Butternut pumpkin & a Black Beauty zucchini which has flowers & a baby zucchini growing already.

Phoebe has always loved sleeping in the veggie garden. I think she enjoys the warmth of the mulch & she’s always quite careful not to sleep on the plants just underneath them. This photo was taken just after the plants went in.

And this photo was taken a year ago. Nothing ever changes…

When she’s not in the garden, she loves sleeping on the back porch.

Here’s a couple of photos I took just the other day. I’ll have tomatoes by Christmas at this rate! My Little Gem lettuces are my favourite veggie at the moment. I can just pick a few leaves for my lunchtime sandwich & it’s so delicious & crisp that I seem to be eating lettuce sandwiches with just a sliver of cheese on top.

Lucky, on the other hand, chooses to sit on today’s newspaper next to the radio,

or, when I’m sitting down for more than two seconds, on my lap.

8 thoughts on “Cats & gardens

  1. We've just had the driest November in Adelaide for 17 years. In what I am sure the cats assume to be a move solely for their own benefit, we had to move a spare bed into a glassed-in veranda bit of the house for temporary storage, and I feel very sorry now for any potential guests who think they'll get a bed to themselves. I sometimes wish I had a bit more of a feline opportunistic streak!


  2. Everything we do is for their benfit, isn't it?! It was warm last night & I pushed the doona down near the bottom of the bed. Both cats found comfortable spots on it. In the middle of the night I felt cold & when I pulled up the doona, they both came up with it. Neither of them moved an inch! I hope you get some rain this month.


  3. Oh, so lovely to see your garden thriving. I do hope you have “tomatoes for Christmas”. Have just eaten our last ones which we brought in just before the the killing frost back in October, now it's back to store-bought, which even at their best are a feeble excuse for the fruit!

    A cold wind from the north last night and this morning is carrying with it crystals of horizontal snow; the farm dogs were most happy a few minutes ago to come in to lie beside the woodstove. The barn cats have their heated box in the greenhouse entryway and are curled up cozily inside it; the house cats peeked through the open door and sniffed and sniffed and SNIFFED, then sneezed in disgust and retreated to their place beside the fire, coexisting beutifully with the dogs in their common desire for warmth.

    So lovely to think that somewhere in the world it is early summer, as we in the northern part of the world head towards the shortest day and the cold time!


  4. I know what you mean about going back to shop bought tomatoes after summer's over. It's a real shock! I've never eaten any of these varieties so I'm in for a treat, I think. Lovely to think that the cats put up with the dogs when their comfort is at stake.


  5. What beautiful pussies! It always makes me a little sad and wistful to see cats that are allowed out into nature…they look so happy and natural, and it makes me think this is the way it used to be for all cats. Sadly it's impossible here; living where I do in Los Angeles they'd be killed instantly if they set foot out of the house. At least mine do have a sunny terrace with a big potted bougainvillea trellis. They curl up in the pot, climb the trellis, and bask in the morning sunshine and outdoor air!
    Diana Birchall


  6. News about the cats! Hurrah! Glad to see they are both well 🙂 Jamie is making the most of the reasonable weather and going outside when he wants to. He appears to hunt but I think his catches are few and far between. Snow is forecast for the weekend I think and that will curtail his outdoor activities.

    Greetings from Scotland.



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