Cake, roses & Phoebe

I haven’t posted about a cake for a while but I quite often bake on Sunday & take something in for morning tea at work on Monday morning. This time, my freezer was full & I’d just bought extra frozen food (peas, spinach & raspberries) to take advantage of a special deal for frequent flyer points. So, I decided to do something with the raspberries as I couldn’t immediately think of a cake that needed peas or spinach. I found this recipe for a Raspberry Bakewell cake & it looks & smells lovely. Almonds are another favourite ingredient & there’s almond meal in the cake as well as the flaked almonds on top. The mixture was more like a shortbread dough than a cake batter. Half the mixture was patted down in the tin, then the frozen raspberries scattered on top then the rest of the mixture finishing with the almonds.

It’s early Spring here so I’ve also been preparing the veggie patch for summer planting & feeding the roses. The nursery where I bought the roses recommended feeding three times – Grand Final, Christmas & Valentine’s Day – which is easy to remember. Well, Saturday was Grand Final Day so I was out yesterday morning flinging around the blood & bone. There’s lots of growth already & dozens of buds so I’m looking forward to the blossoms.

And here’s Phoebe on her way out the back door. She wasn’t in the mood to pose so it’s the best shot I could get. Lucky was asleep under her blanket so there’s no photo of her at all. We’re all enjoying these early Spring days & we’ve had plenty of rain for the garden lately. It’s a lovely time of year.

8 thoughts on “Cake, roses & Phoebe

  1. We are seriously considering adding a cat to our household as a playmate for our dog. No guarantee that the cat would have anything to do with him though, is there?! Phoebe is lovely.
    We're enjoying the early autumnal colours at the moment…then it's winter, brrrr.


  2. Good luck with the cat/dog relationship! Phoebe & Lucky don't even like each other that much, adding a dog would be a recipe for disaster. It has been known to work in other families.


  3. It's very easy to remember which is why I like it. It makes sense as I hopefully get a late Spring flowering (Grand Final) & then a late summer/early autumn flowering (Christmas & Valentine's). I can't wait for the first bloom!


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