Overrun with spam!

I’m sorry to say I’ve had to reinstate word verification on comments. I was bombarded with over 200 spam messages yesterday & it was the last straw! I hope anyone wishing to leave a comment will still do so even if you have to negotiate the irritating word verification system.

6 thoughts on “Overrun with spam!

  1. I'm sure it skews the stats too, Katherine. Not that i think Blogger's stats are very reliable but all those hits on old posts were making the stats even less useful.


  2. I have noticed that disabling anoymous comments pretty much dried up the spam river! Seems that bots don't have email addresses!

    I share your loathing for CAPTCHA, they really are a blight on the blogging world! I find them so difficult to read that I started using CAPTCHA bypass software to get around the blighters.

    The software I use is called rumola (skipinput.com) and I would really recommend it to serious bloggers! Its cheap, reliable and definitely makes the internet less frustrating!


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