I took these photos of Lucky & Phoebe last week as the hot days roll on. We were lucky to have an afternoon of storms last Thursday that resulted in 20mm of lovely rain. A real boost to the garden & my water tanks. However, the hot weather has returned. More storms are predicted for this week but no real cool change yet.

But, when it’s hot & I’m at home & the air conditioner’s on, the only place to be is flaked out on the floorboards in the kitchen.

And, when I’m outside in the very early morning, tidying up the garden & trying to think of more zucchini & tomato recipes for all my lovely homegrown vegies, Phoebe has another favourite spot. I wish my trees weren’t dropping their leaves already, but they are. Phoebe thinks the leaves have dropped just to provide her with a comfy bed & who am I to disagree?

11 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. I just moved to an apartment with south windows that let in sun pretty much all day long, at least now – and I love watching my cats migrate across the carpet with the sun. In the summer, though, I expect they'll prefer the wooden floors in the other room.


  2. Yes, it's amazing how they know where the most comfortable spot will be. I think they both spend a lot of time under the house on the very hottest days as they come in with bits of cobweb hanging off their whiskers. This morning it's still humid but we've had nearly 40mm of rain since I got up. Wonderful for the garden & my water tanks. Phoebe is asleep on my lap at the moment & we're both enjoying the soothing sound of rain on the roof.


  3. Yes, they're both living the good life, as always! I swept the driveway on Sunday morning but was very careful to leave Phoebe's leafy bed intact. She doesn't even move now when I drive in.


  4. I'd gladly share the sunshine with you Sian & have some of your more moderate summer temperatures but I could probably do without the high winds & storms! Today's lovely & cool but I don't think summer's over quite yet.


  5. They tolerate each other! Apart from the occasional scrap they have their own spaces & they stick to them. They'll both sleep on my bed at night but as far away from each other as possible. In winter, Lucky will sit on my lap in the evenings & Phoebe will lay across the back of the chair so it works out well.


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