Christmas short stories by Trisha Ashley, Katie Fforde & Elly Griffiths

I love reading books about Christmas at this time of year. This year, I have three treats to read in a spare moment with a cup of coffee as three of my favourite contemporary writers have published short stories on a Christmas theme – & two of them are free.

Katie Fforde’s story, Staying Away at Christmas, is available as a digital-only story from Amazon. So, you’ll need a Kindle or Kindle app to read it. It costs $1.52US & includes the first chapter of her forthcoming book, A French Affair. Miranda is a single mother setting off to spend Christmas in Devon with her two daughters. Miranda is taking stroppy teenager Isa & young Lulu to the holiday cottage they’d loved in summer but will it have the same charm in the middle of winter? When they arrive, they discover that widower Anthony & his two children, Dan & Amy, have also arrived for Christmas thinking that they had booked the cottage.  Anthony is aggressive & prickly & Miranda is anxious enough about Christmas without dealing with these complete strangers. Will Christmas be a disaster or a delight?

Trisha Ashley & Elly Griffiths have given their fans a Christmas present with a free short story available through their websites. Both are PDF documents so you can read them online, print them off or download them to your e-reader (I did this with Calibre).

Trisha’s story is called A Christmas Wish & it’s available here. A young Chloe Lyon from Trisha’s novel Christmas Wishes sees an angel. Trisha also includes some yummy Christmas recipes from her books as well as a few new ones.

Elly’s story, Ruth’s First Christmas Tree, is available through the Quercus website. Just register here & you’ll be sent a link to the story. Ruth is determined that her daughter Kate will have a proper, traditional Christmas, including a Christmas tree. Her plans don’t quite work out but thanks to Cathbad & Nelson, Kate & Ruth have a Christmas to remember. I’m looking forward to reading Elly’s new novel, A Dying Fall, when it’s published early in the New Year.

7 thoughts on “Christmas short stories by Trisha Ashley, Katie Fforde & Elly Griffiths

  1. … I lost my comment, so here's the rest of it just in case the first part shows up. 🙂 I've never read Trisha Ashley but I have a feeling that if you like her books I will too. The other two authors are favorites of mine so it's nice to have these treats while I'm waiting for the new books. Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Lyn!


  2. Thanks for letting us know about those stories! I love Elly Griffiths and I'm looking forward to her new Ruth Galloway book in the new year. I also love Trisha Ashley's Christmas books, I don't think I've ever read Katie Ford so may give her a try:)


  3. Merry Christmas Audrey & Christine! Audrey, I think Christine's right. Trisha Ashley is like Katie Fforde but with recipes. Both write lovely romantic books that are a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


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