The first days of summer

It’s been a mild spring so far this year but yesterday was a very warm day & by mid-afternoon, finding a cool spot was a priority. Phoebe lay on the floorboards near the study.

Lucky prefers the cool laundry tiles. It’s always difficult to get a good photo of Lucky. She usually winds herself around my legs or walks away as soon as I bring out the camera.

Phoebe isn’t shy at all. Usually she’s somewhere spectacular, like halfway up the tree in the front garden,

or somewhere she shouldn’t be, like the laundry basket full of clean towels that I hadn’t had time to fold & put away.

The warm weather isn’t going to last. Rain is predicted for tomorrow afternoon & cooler temperatures for the rest of the week which will suit us all.
I’ve taken the opportunity of a public holiday tomorrow (Melbourne Cup Day) & my usual rostered day off on Friday to take the rest of the week off as well. I plan to get the tomatoes, basil & lettuce planted, look around for a new desk for the study & do lots of reading. A lovely break before the downhill run to Christmas.

9 thoughts on “The first days of summer

  1. Yes, it does seem odd when your post is mentioning the first days of summer whilst we over here are experiencing our first early morning frosts. Your two cats are just like mine one who poses for the camera and her brother who runs towards me when I try to photograph him. Hope you enjoy your week off:)


  2. I'm not sure Phoebe really poses, she's just too comfortable to bother moving! They certainly have completely different personalities which keeps me on my toes.


  3. I can only dream of autumn, I suppose! I don't mind warmer weather just not the really hot days of January & February. Enough sun to ripen the tomatoes is all I ask.


  4. Phoebe doesn't bother to hide, she just assumes she has the right to be there! I admit that after I'd put away the clean towels, I put an old towel in the laundry basket for her to sleep on & she was in there yesterday fast asleep. I've lost count of how many “favourite” sleeping spots she has now.


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