Well, this is a picture I thought I’d never see. Both cats sat on my lap (well, Lucky was on my lap, Phoebe was wedged between me & the arm of the chair) for over an hour the other night. Eventually I had to get up & when I looked round, they’d settled themselves like this & they both went back to sleep. Lucky still looks a little wary but this is the closest they’ve been since they arrived. Unless, of course, they spend every afternoon curled up together on the couch while I’m at work which is unlikely. I don’t think it’s love, I just think neither wanted to give up the warm chair. Wonders will never cease!

6 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. We have a television show here in the U.S. called My Cat From Hell. It's a bit like Dog Whisperer. The guy is really good at figuring out what cats are thinking and then coming up with ways to resolve the problems. Cats being territorial, getting along together is often an issue. Thankfully, except for when we had our cats Petunia and Echo, our cats have always gotten along well. We're down to three cats from a one time high of nine, a mother and two of her 11-year-old kittens (whom we still refer to as 'the kittens)'.


  2. I think they may become better friends eventually. Lucky is much more relaxed now & they both have their own space so hopefully they'll become friendlier when they realise there's no need for competition.


  3. Joan, I knew there could be a problem with two cats who had been litter mates but I try to give them both the same amount of attention & they don't seem jealous, they just niggle each other sometimes. Not sure how I'd have coped with 9 cats! A friend is about to welcome her 5th cat at the weekend. She looks after older cats who can't find homes & she finds it hard to say no.


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