Happy Anniversary Lucky & Phoebe

It’s hard to believe but it’s been a year since Lucky & Phoebe came to live with me. It’s been exciting & nervewracking in equal measure – for me, not them. Lucky’s wandering & Phoebe’s daredevil climbing have given me even more grey hairs than I had a year ago but we’ve all survived intact & in good health & that’s something to be thankful for.

I thought I’d just share some of the many photos I’ve taken of the girls over the year. These are some of my favourites. Here’s Lucky.

And here’s Phoebe.

I’m looking forward to many more happy years together for the three of us.

12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Lucky & Phoebe

  1. They're both asleep on the back porch at the moment but that won't last long! I hope I can get some more photos of them enjoying the garden in the spring.


  2. They are such cuties–I can't believe it's already been a year! My Dulce has been a little listless and I am worried about her. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it is just the heat that is making her a little out of it.


  3. Dani, I hope Dulce is alright. The hot weather makes us all a bit listless. As long as she's not off her food, I wouldn't worry too much. I'm a terrible worrier though, so I understand how you feel.


  4. I'll second that, Lyn!
    May you, Lucky and Phoebe have many more happy healthy years together!
    They are gorgeous girls!
    Our three cats have their anniversaries within a few days of each other in September – Marlowe who is white with black splodges will have been with us for ten years DV and the brother and sister tabbies Merlin and Minerva will be notching up 8 years DV. We have had them all from kittens (I'm sure that they all still think they are kittens) and their birthdays are all in May.


  5. They certainly do! It was pouring rain when I got home & they were both sitting on the front door mat (together, which is a miracle) waiting for me. They were too clever to make a dash through the rain to their cat door at the back of the house.


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