Evidence of an obsession

I’ve finally finished putting all my books onto Library Thing. This was a project I started during my holidays after Easter & I’ve just had a fortnight off so I managed to get all the rest of my books listed. It may seem perverse for a librarian to take holidays & spend time cataloguing her books but that’s what I’ve done. I’m so pleased to have finished that I thought I’d share a few completely useless statistics. Maybe some of you will find this interesting. We’re all more or less obsessed with books, aren’t we? If not, don’t worry, there’ll be another book review along soon.

I own 2495 books, including

186 Oxford University Press titles & 412 Penguins.

94 Folio Society books, & 252 books with the tags History, England, Biography.

108 Persephones (all the published titles plus the Classics).

57 books by or about Jane Austen & 60 by or about the Brontё sisters.

146 volumes of poetry, 75 volumes of letters & 41 journals or diaries.

127 Viragos.

As well as 812 biographies, 123 volumes of short stories & 207 mysteries.

Of course, all those totals include books from the tbr shelves as well as books I’ve read. I have 803 books on the tbr shelves & if you add in the unread books on my e-reader, you might as well round it up to 1000.

I actually thought I had more books than that so maybe that means I don’t have enough? There is still a bit of room on the shelves…
I think this post is a good definition of obsession but at least now I can quantify just how obsessed I am which must be a good thing, surely?

20 thoughts on “Evidence of an obsession

  1. Wow! I think it is a brave thing to do and list them all! Says me that has also done it for all my tbrs.

    I don't count my kindle, and that has loads on! I pretend that does not count!

    You have some wonderful collections.


  2. I would love to visit your 'personal library'! Such good stuff you've got there.
    And yes, I feel much better about my TBR stack now too (and for the order I just put in for another 8 'soon-to-arrive' additions to the stack….) :p


  3. I admire your courage and endeavour in recording your collection – I haven't dared to even attempt a serious count as there are too many TBR's to fit on the shelves (even double stacked!) and that doesn't include the boxes and boxes (some inherited from my mum)that are languishing in the loft!
    Looking at the piles, I am half afraid that there are more to read than I will have time for even if I emulate my mum and grandmother and reach my 80's! DV


  4. Obviously I'm providing a public service! It's as if I've given everyone permission to go out & buy a few more books because they don't have as many unread books as I do…


  5. My Persephones are my favourites, I must admit. They're so beautiful & the contents are just as wonderful as the exterior. I hope you can realise your dream of owning a few one day.


  6. As I said, Michelle, I'm happy to perform a vital public service. We all need a little encouragement & then we can give ourselves permission to buy just one more book.


  7. I really oonly wanted to list the tbr but then I just kept going. I thought it would be good to know just how many books I had. I'd guessed about 3000, which was close, & there is room on the shelves still… I just hope I have time to read them all.


  8. It was lovely to read this — we have about the same about of TBR/HIU, but I haven't got all my keepers on LT yet, so don't have the foggiest how many I actually have: there's the UK books & the archaeology books & the hiking and camping books in the office; the Outlander books and complete Georgette Heyer and all the Calvin and Hobbes and who knows what all else in the guest room. And then there's my bedroom: all the Mitford series, and all the Edward Abbeys and the miscellaneous nature writing and also books from my childhood. I'm sure I'll be in your neighborhood by the time they're all cataloged.


  9. What a great post, Lyn. My list on LibraryThing, following your example, of books that I own but have yet to read is a mere 187. I haven't been through the Persephones yet as they are shelved separately. The 187 weigh me down as I'm older than you. I'm a library user so those and books that I have been lent take precedence. I think you once said that the TBR is a kind of insurance policy for when you can't afford to buy books and cannot venture out. I do take one down to read now and again.


  10. Thanks Barbara. I borrow a lot from my library too but I find I'm reading mainly my own books these days. Just as well when I have so many to read! And it's true, there will come a day when I can't afford to buy as many books & I'd hate to be left with nothing to read – horrible thought.


  11. I'd never heard of Bookcrawler, Nellie, so thanks for the info. Like you, a lot of my books are pre-ISBN but it was a lovely exercise to actually handle them all & remind myself of what I have.


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