My 500th post

I can’t quite believe that this is my 500th post. I started the blog 2 1/2 years ago & I never expected to keep going past that first fortnight of my summer holidays. Amazingly, I have kept posting & all of you, the kind visitors who keep commenting & starting conversations, have kept coming back.

I thought I’d celebrate by adapting Simon’s idea of Five from the Archive & post links to five posts that sum up my enthusiasms. They’re the posts that have generated interesting discussions rather then the posts with the most hits. Looking through the list, most of the posts with very high numbers of hits have very few comments. Probably because they’ve been discovered by students looking for information about Sir Walter Raleigh & Emily Brontё or people googling terms like Royal Wedding & English Ghost!

Persephone is my favourite publisher & I love my collection of Persephones, both dove grey & Classic covers. This post, for Persephone Reading Weekend, generated a lot of enthusiastic responses – & some jealousy as well!

Book design always creates a fuss, whether we love the design (Persephones, original Virago Modern Classics) or hate it (pastel chick lit covers, headless women on historical novels). This post was my response to the changing fashions in cover art.

Then there are the books that we all love – well, all of us who love books about books or a particular type of comforting, funny novel that we can read over & over again. Excellent Women by Barbara Pym is one of those novels.

History is another of my enthusiasms & Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time is one of the books that got me started on my obsession with Richard III & English history in general.

I couldn’t finish a post about this blog without mentioning Abby. I was very touched by all the sympathetic comments from Abby’s fans when she died in May last year.

Of course, I now have Lucky & Phoebe to keep me company. They’re enjoying a beautiful sunny winter’s day by sleeping on the back porch after a busy morning of climbing (Phoebe) & exploring (Lucky). I’ve almost finished reading all the books I was part way through in this post so it’s on with the next 500 posts!

30 thoughts on “My 500th post

  1. Where does the time go! Not sure how many blog posts I am up to, but will check shortly.

    Like you I started my blog during a holiday and was surprised that I am still doing it and also that people keep visiting!

    Seeing your Josephine Tey post I must get in and read that book. Epescially since I have just read Alison Aeir's new book, which I am sure you will love as it covers Richard III as well as the Tudor era.

    Here is to the next 500!


  2. I read your posts every day and occasionally comment. I like reading about the books you read, about your life in Australia, and about your cats. Congratulations on your blog and its longevity. I look forward to at least 500 more posts!


  3. Congratulations of your 500th post! 'Daughter of Time' is one of my favourites, read as a teenager it got me started on my interest in Richard III too:)


  4. Wow! And congratulations! Wishing you (and us) at least 500 more posts. And I'm laughing at myself because I saw the title of the post under this one — the one about midwinter — and I thought “But it's been a long time since the 499th!” I think I'm just wishing it was midwinter HERE, instead of hot and sticky.


  5. Thanks Jo. I think the comments & conversation keep me blogging although it started as a reading diary. I really enjoy hearing about what people think. Is that Alison Weir's new book you mean? Is it her book about Elizabeth of York? I'm looking forward to that. Or is it one of her novels? I haven't read those, are they any good?


  6. Thanks Helen. DOT is one of those books that many people love. Influential too, because it starts many people on a Richard III trail. EW is wonderful in a completely different way, I hope you get to it soon.


  7. Thanks Susan, the original idea for a reading diary has expanded to include the cats, garden etc & it's nice to know people enjoy reading about it.


  8. Thanks Pam. I'm so glad I blogged about Abby because I have so many lovely photos to look back on now. It's also good to go back & see what I thought about a book I'd forgotten!


  9. It was only a few days! I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. I enjoying the winter although we had frost on the lawn this morning & that's quite rare. Thanks for your good wishes, Audrey.


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