Lucky & Phoebe’s winter afternoon

It’s the Queen’s Birthday holiday today & the sun finally broke through this afternoon after a grey, gloomy & wet weekend. I caught up with a friend this morning (when it was still foggy & cold). We went to a movie, Bel-Ami, based on the book by Guy de Maupassant. It was pretty much as we expected from reading the reviews. The women in the cast – Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas & Christina Ricci –  were terrific, Philip Glenister is always worth watching but Robert Patttinson as Georges just wasn’t good enough. He was quite wooden & charmless. Georges is a shallow young man but he must have some charm for all these women to fall under his spell.

When I got home, I baked a cake for a special morning tea at work tomorrow. It’s a surprise 60th birthday tea & I made a chocolate, date & almond torte. It’s a new recipe for me based on egg whites so I’ll be interested to taste it. There was a lot of chopping involved so I turned on the radio. Classic FM played some of my favourite pieces. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 5, Mozart’s Piano Sonata in A (the one with the Rondo alla Turca) & Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous Serenade for Strings.

I moved Lucky & Phoebe’s beds into a sunny spot on the back porch & they settled down to listen to the beautiful music & have a snooze. Sunny winter afternoons don’t come around all that often & this one’s nearly over already. If you’ve had the day off, I hope you’ve had as lovely a day as I have.

4 thoughts on “Lucky & Phoebe’s winter afternoon

  1. Your cats are so gorgeous. It's summer here, but we haven't had many sunny days over the last week or so, and my cat Muggins has retreated indoors, where his current snoozing spot is on top of the record player!


  2. Thanks Chris, they do love a warm sleeping spot, don't they? I didn't think Phoebe could get any closer to the heater last night. She was so close she had to keep turning around to avoid getting overcooked!


  3. Simon, the torte was very good & it's gluten free! I'll send you the recipe. The girls loved the warm afternoon & they would have had the same sunny snoozing spot today but I wasn't here to see them. Back to work!


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