I’ve stopped buying books – really!

It may not look like it but I’ve stopped buying books for a while. The shock of putting my tbr shelves on Library Thing & realizing how many books I owned that I hadn’t read was enough to encourage me to retire the credit card for a little while. However, these are all pre-orders so they don’t count!

An Academic Question by Barbara Pym. I have read this but it was years ago & I don’t own a copy so I had to snap up this lovely new Virago edition.
Arcturus has a new imprint specializing in classic crime. Margery Allingham is one of my favourite Golden Age writers & these are her short stories, My Friend Mr Campion & Other Mysteries. They’ve also reprinted the first book in Martin Edwards’s Harry Devlin series, All the Lonely People. I enjoyed Waterloo Sunset when I read it some time ago & I love the Lake District mysteries so I look forward to Harry’s first case.

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues is the new romance by Trisha Ashley. I always enjoy her books which always include a lot of cooking as well as English village life & a fine romance to wallow in.
Illyrian Spring by Ann Bridge is probably the book I’m most excited about. I’ve been reading enthusiastic reviews of this book on blogs for ages & Daunt Books have just reprinted it. It’s bound to be a great success as copies of the out of print Virago edition are expensive. Dani at A Work in Progress has also rushed out to buy a copy. I’ve been enjoying the Julia Probyn series since Bloomsbury Reader released the e-book editions & I enjoyed Peking Picnic as well.

Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace is the new book by Kate Summerscale, about a Victorian woman whose passion for a younger man leads to scandal & the divorce courts. I loved The Suspicions of Mr Whicher so I’m really looking forward to this.
A Nurse at the Front is the WWI diaries of Sister Edith Appleton. I love WWI letters & diaries & Edith nursed in France & Belgium throughout the war. This is part of a series of diaries published in association with the Imperial War Museum.

I’m not sure what I’ll read first. I’ve just finished Helen Dunmore’s The Greatcoat & I’m part way through Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope & Queen Anne by Anne Somerset. Maybe one of these will be next?

10 thoughts on “I’ve stopped buying books – really!

  1. I love Trisha Ashley books as well. I have the new beside me ready to read next! I am also looking forward to the Kate Summerscale book too.

    I hope the not buying books holds out for a while. I am useless at it.


  2. I believe you. It's not that long since I made a resolution that there would be No More Books (except those from the library)… but I failed miserably, and once again we are being invaded by books. Enjoyed looking at the pre-orders, which are an interesting collection, and of course they don't count!


  3. I just love reading about books bought by fellow book lovers. I am trying not buy any new books this year (although I had a set back a week or so ago) so reading this posts go some way to letting me enjoy the pleasure of new books without me actually buying them myself. From your haul I am most excited by Illyrian Spring and Mrs Robinson's Disgrace. Looking forwards to reading your thoughts on these.


  4. I'm glad you agree that preorders don't count, I've always relied on that rule. The trouble with the e-reader is that I can also invisibly add to the tbr pile which is a real trap. If I can't see a book, does it exist?


  5. Yes, I think they're the two books furthest up the pile to be read. I've head so many good things about IS, I hope it lives up to the reviews!


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