How many beds does one cat need?

I’ve finally decided that Lucky & Phoebe have enough places to sleep. They probably had enough places to sleep before I started buying beds, futons & igloos.

Lucky is happy with her blanket, my lap, the futon on the back porch in warmer weather & my bed at night. Of course, I thought I knew better.

I saw a tartan cat igloo with lambswool interior in the Snooza catalogue & thought Lucky would love it. She’s always loved burrowing under her blanket & I put some of her blanket inside the igloo to give it her scent. You might notice though that that’s not Lucky in the igloo! Even with Lucky’s smell all over it, Phoebe has decided that the igloo is her newest sleeping place. She usually moves in there after she warmed herself in front of the heater by sitting along the top of my armchair.

Lucky never showed the slightest interest in the igloo so, don’t worry, I’m not contemplating another trip to the Snooza website. I took this photo of Lucky yesterday morning. It was a very cold, wet morning & the rain had just stopped so I put the girls’ day beds out on the porch. Phoebe settled straight down (that’s the photo at the top of the post) on her bed & went back to sleep & Lucky sat down on the top step, ignoring her futon entirely. Typical, really.

10 thoughts on “How many beds does one cat need?

  1. No matter how many beds You get they decide on a whim where to sleep.i had a cat that would try and sleep on the top of the radiator when mum was drying clothes. In the end we bought one of the beds that hooked onto the radiator and do you think she went and slept there? No, never got a look in, but our other cat who had shown no previous interest in sleeping on the radiator decided that was where he was going to sleep. It's true cats have staff!!


  2. I love this story about your cat's beds! Phoebe and Lucky are beautiful and so cute! Any bed I've purchases specifically for one cat is rarely slept in by that cat, at least for the first few weeks. I have several bade for my cats but sometimes they are all empty and the cats sleep on a hardback chair or the desk instead. Other days the beds are all filled and the cats fight over them.
    Go figure!


  3. Lying here with my Monday morning coffee, it is cold out, I am reading blogs and have my three dogs and my cat Koko lying across the top of them. They know a good thing when they have it. Your little guys are beautiful. Yes I also have cat beds lying around the house, all of them empty. Pam 🙂


  4. They both sleep on my bed at least part of the night. Phoebe used to be on the bed within ten minutes of me but the last few nights she hasn't stirred from the igloo until much later. I wake up at about 4am & she's there. I envy you lying in on a cold Monday morning.


  5. We have had a selection of cat beds for our successive cats but none have been particularly successful.
    I thought that we had cracked it when we acquired both an igloo and a radiator hammock as they were both very popular for a while but sadly neither lasted and are both consigned to the summerhouse while the cats select different sleeping spots around the house.

    Current favourite is the spare room bed, where all three congregate and they get most miffed if I have to turf them out when our grand daughter comes to stay!


  6. Well, I just moved Phoebe's original bed (the one I bought her when she arrived) back into the spare room because she hasn't slept in it for months. I'm sure its turn will come round again. I think I'll just admit defeat & let them find their own sleeping spots from now on.


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