Holiday plans

I’m on holidays for the next two weeks & I’m looking forward to some pottering, a little gardening, some organisation of recipes & photos, a little walking & lots of reading.

I finally joined Library Thing last week & I’m addicted. I’ve known about LT for ages but didn’t think I had time to start cataloguing my books when I should be reading, reading about books, reading blogs about books & blogging about books! I’ve taken the plunge because I have this fortnight off & I’d like to get my tbr shelves on LT so I have an idea of what’s there. Also, handling all the books may prompt me to read a few of them. So far I have all my Persephones & about 350 other books on there & I haven’t even scratched the surface. I also know I won’t be able to stop until all my books are on LT. I’d like to know exactly how many books I have.

I also have several books sent to me for review that I’m very much looking forward to. One of them is a novel about Edith Cavell called Fatal Decision by Terri Arthur. Terri contacted me after reading my review of Diana Souhami’s biography of Cavell & has kindly sent me an ePub copy for review.

I’ll also be reading some Muriel Spark in anticipation of Muriel Spark Reading Week which is coming up in just a fortnight. I’ve chosen her book on Emily Brontё. I read it many years ago but I’ll be interested to see what Spark has to say.

I’m enjoying the autumn flowering of my roses after a disappointing display in the summer. I have a very large tree in the front garden & I didn’t realise how much it would overshadow the rose garden. The tree has never been as lush & beautiful as it has this last year after all those years of drought & I’m afraid the rose garden didn’t get enough light. Now that the sun is lower in the sky & the tree is losing its leaves, the roses have had a growth spurt & all of them, including Abby’s Best Friend rose are full of buds & blossoms. I’ll have to have the tree pretty severely pruned in a few months to give the roses a better chance next summer.

Remember the saga of the cat beds? Well, I bought Lucky a cat futon on Saturday, rubbed it on her blanket to get her scent (& cat hairs as you can see if you look closely) & waited to see what would happen. You can see how special this futon is. It does everything & it’s environmentally friendly as well.

I saw Lucky on the futon several times over the weekend but couldn’t get a photo until this morning. I was very happy until I saw Phoebe on the futon not long after! I just hope her scent doesn’t put Lucky off & why didn’t Lucky’s scent put Phoebe off? I’ve never seen either of them resting or sleeping in a place where the other has been until now. How many beds does one cat need? The back porch could be littered with cat beds, futons, hammocks, chaise longues etc if this goes on much longer. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

10 thoughts on “Holiday plans

  1. Glad you found Library Thing. It is iuncredibly addictibe. I have finally put all of my books on it, mainly Penguins but lots that aren't. I love it. Keeps track of what I have and if I am out penguin hunting I can check my web site on my smart phone and see if I already have it or not though my little black book is faster to use. There is a lot of interesting things on it to read. Mine is TassiePeguinHunter. As for cats, I have two and one of them lives in his igloo. They sleep all over the place but I have learned if I buy them something nice they won't use it until it is THEIR idea. Can't be mine. That's a cat for you! Happy holiday. Pam


  2. I have a few days off after Easter too. So far I have done basically nothing but read! Heaven…although my eyes are getting a bit sore. Might need a day off.


  3. Pam, I did consider an igloo, maybe next time I feel like spending money on the cats! LT is addictive though I don't know how much time I'll have for the forums. Maybe once I have added all the books.


  4. Enjoy your holiday, Marg. LT has put a bit of a dint in my reading time over the weekend but I plan to do lots of reading while I have the chance.


  5. Lyn the book cover reminds me of Monica Dickens' “One Pair of Feet” which deals with her experiences being a nurse in WWII. The preceding “One Pair of Hands” deals with her being a cook general in the 30s, I recommend both.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday.


  6. Lovely bed for the cats. I did chuckle at the thought of a chaise longue for a cat!!

    I am on Goodreads not LT but the list making is so addictive! But once you have done it, it is just maintaining it then.

    Happy holidays.


  7. “How many beds does one cat need?”
    Hahahahaa…. found that really amusing! Lucky & Phoebe are two very fortunate kitties indeed. Looking forward to reading more further developments. 🙂
    Enjoy your holidays!


  8. Rose, I read the MD books many years ago & I have the omnibus with all three books on the tbr shelves or should that be tbrr(to be reread)shelves? I'd really like to read them again. I recently bought new copies of OPOH for the library as it was reprinted after the success of Downton Abbey. There have been several Downton/Upstairs Downstairs type memoirs reprinted recently & they've all been very popular. I'm enjoying my holiday so far. We had a real cold snap here yesterday. 10mm rain, hail, cold winds. It was so lovely to not have to go out. I made celery soup & catalogued on LT & read. That's my kind of holiday.


  9. Jo, as long as Lucky has one bed to call her own, I'll be happy. I did see Lucky on the bed after Phoebe had been there so she hasn't been put off. It was so cold yesterday afternoon though that they spent most of the time sleeping in the lounge room near the heater. I'm enjoying the LT cataloguing. I'll be fascinated to see how many books I actually have.


  10. Michelle, I'd have thought one bed each plus every chair in the house plus my bed plus my lap would be enough. Obviously I was wrong! I'm planning a very relaxing holiday, thanks.


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