Phoebe takes over

I was so pleased when Phoebe started sleeping on Abby’s old outside bed. I’d bought it for Abby because she liked to sleep under the back stairs in warm weather & I didn’t want her lying on the concrete floor. She loved it & would sleep there almost all year round except on the very coldest winter days. There’s Abby above,

and here’s Phoebe on the back porch.
Then, I thought Lucky looked a little left out dozing on the bare boards so I bought another bed. I couldn’t get one like Abby’s so went for a very fetching purple, velvety bed. Lucky wasn’t the least bit interested but guess who has decided that variety is the spice of life?

I realise now that I should have rubbed Lucky’s blanket over the bed to give it some of her scent but it’s too late now! Back to the pet shop, I suppose…

Then again, where would Lucky rather be sleeping? That’s right, on my lap.

10 thoughts on “Phoebe takes over

  1. Thank you for sharing, cats are fickle creatures when it comes to their own. One of ours just used to sit on the other one to gain the space!

    They always look so peaceful when sleeping.


  2. Lucky is gorgeous! What a cute little anecdote – it really made me smile. How great to be able to read your posts again – for some reason, with the last couple you have done, it has been taking an age for them to load on my PC (I havent had any problem with other blogs). Talk about frustrating, but all seems well again now – phew! Have a great week. Becks x


  3. Love the photos and stories of the cats. I have two that keep us laughing all the time. One has an igloo and once he's in it he wants nothing to do with the world. I should be so lucky to have an igloo to disappear into once in awhile. Enjoy your blog very much, Pam


  4. Lucky is gorgeous – except when she's crying to go outside in the middle of the night! I'm glad you're no longer having trouble loading the blog. I don't know what could have caused it.


  5. Phoebe has a new favourite sleeping place every week. She hasn't been near her indoor bed (that she used to love) for weeks now. I hope she goes back to it when the weather cools down. Where does Deacon sleep then?


  6. Isn't it always the case that when you buy a special bed for a cat they chose to sleep elsewhere! Our two also swap and change where they sleep every so often – except at night when they both try to sleep on me:)


  7. Yes, Phoebe loves sleeping on my bed at night. I just wish Lucky was more settled at night. She's going through a phase of crying to be let out in the middle of the night. Hopefully it's just the full moon and she'll settle down again soon.


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