Calendar Girls – Phoebe

As promised, here are a few photos of Phoebe, taken last weekend. Potential calendar shots? I don’t think any of these are quite right. I wish I’d been able to get a photo of Phoebe lying on the roof of the back porch with one leg nonchalantly dangling over the edge. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying not to look at her! My hand would have been too shaky to take the photo anyway. So, here she is in the laundry basket instead.

Phoebe also enjoys the garden. Here she is, delicately tiptoeing through the basil.

She also enjoys finding new places to sleep. Lately she’s ignoring her comfortable bed & sleeping on my chair in the study in the evenings. She also likes the back of my reading chair. It can be a bit distracting when she starts snuffling in my ear but I’m willing to put up with it.

And, as promised, a rare shot of Lucky & Phoebe together. I think Lucky’s only there because she’s half asleep & she knows I’ll stop messing around with the camera soon & come & sit down so she can get comfortable. I’ll post some more photos as we get closer to the time when I have to enter the calendar competition.

6 thoughts on “Calendar Girls – Phoebe

  1. I'm lucky that they're such photogenic cats! I have lots of photos of Abby & I love looking through them. Our cats may be gone but as long as we have photos, they're still with us.


  2. So glad to have found your interesting blog with its wonderful combination of books and cats. I jumped slightly when I saw the photo of your cat Phoebe as she is so like our cat Chloe. Your photos are lovely:)


  3. I am another books and cats person. Enjoying your posts. Love your cats. Keep writing and good luck getting the most perfect photo!!



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