Calendar Girls – Lucky

There’s a definite feeling of autumn in the air, my favourite season. I’ve been a bit lazy about my daily walk lately. I walk every lunchtime during the week because there’s a coffee & a chance to sit & read for 20 mins in the middle of it. The weekends, though, have been either very hot or very wet & I need to get back into the habit of going for a walk every day now that summer’s finally over. This weekend, though, has been lovely, crisp mornings & sunny afternoons. I walked both days &, as today is the Labour Day holiday, I’ll be walking again today.

Lucky & Phoebe love this weather too. I think all cats do because it was Abby’s favourite time of year as well. I’ve had the camera with me constantly lately because I’m trying to get the perfect calendar shot of both the girls. The Animal Aid shelter where I adopted the girls produces a lovely calendar each year. They feature 12 of their rehomed pets (plus one on the cover) & they have a competition to choose who will be featured. It’s not just cats & dogs. This year’s calendar also had a pig called Gavin & Tilly, the guinea pig. The winners are the pets who get the most votes. So, I feel like the paparazzi, sneaking up on the girls & snapping away at every opportunity.

I already have some lovely photos of them but the perfect shot might be the next one I take. I would love to see them in the calendar, the only trouble will be choosing which photo to enter. I have until June to decide so there’s plenty of time. These are just a few of the photos of Lucky I took this last weekend. This one of Lucky on my reading chair is probably the most typical. I’d just got up to pour another cup of tea & Lucky waits patiently until I return so she can go back to sleep in my lap.
I’ll post some photos of Phoebe on Wednesday including a rare shot of them together.

4 thoughts on “Calendar Girls – Lucky

  1. I have no idea how I'll choose the photos Jo. I have a lovely one of Lucky sitting in the sun last Spring with her long tail curled around her. There's also one of Phoebe on the fence which really shows her off but I'll keep snapping away. I have a couple of weeks leave coming up after Easter & one of the things I want to do is sort through all my photos & hopefully come up with a shortlist. The shelter do such a good job that I like to support them in any way I can.


  2. Your photos are terrific. Such lovely cats. Lucky is obviously a lady: when I get off the sofa, one of my three cats immediately slides into the (little, I hope!) depression I've left, and then I have to look for another place to sit. None are lap sitters, but Nikita likes to lie on my outstretched legs if I'm using a foot stool. Your girls are definitely pinup girls, even if they don't make it onto the calendar!


  3. Abby would never move if she was comfortable, I always had to sit somewhere else. Lucky's more accomodating. Phoebe only likes to sit on my lap in the mornings sometimes if I'm sitting on the kitchen stool, she likes to be up high.


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