Too hot to think

It’s very hot in Melbourne at the moment. 34 degrees yesterday, 38 today and 34 tomorrow. I have a terrific new thriller to review, Hope Road by John Barlow, but it’s too hot to sit in the study and write the review. I’m sitting in the cool lounge room writing this on my new iPad – which is really my friend P’s old iPad. P has upgraded and set me up with a wireless network which is very useful on days like today. I can sit in the coolest room of the house and type this while working out how to use the iPad and everything that goes with it.

BUT, I couldn’t work out how to add a photo because the post would look boring without one (I’ve got all my photos on the iPad but still couldn’t do it). So, here I am, sitting in the study, typing very quickly, adding a photo & then scuttling back to the cool kitchen to think about salads for dinner.

Poetry tomorrow & hopefully my review of Hope Road early next week (after the cool change).

10 thoughts on “Too hot to think

  1. As the UK weather forecasters have got so excited that we might reach 18 degrees during the week, I wonder how they would cope with your weather.

    Stay cool and enjoy your iPad I love mine.


  2. To help you cooling down, think about my own country, Canada… We had yesterday in Quebec, snow after almost a spring's week : depressing indeed!!!

    As we say in french : «L'herbe est toujours plus verte chez le voisin»! meaning there is always something that we envy, naturally, because we don't have it!

    Have a nice week-end


  3. Wow, and I thought 19 degrees was hot here in sunny Staffordshire! Here in England whatever the weather we never seem to be able to cope with it. It's always too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry – and a sprinkling of snow brings the country to a halt.


  4. 18 degrees sounds like heaven! I hope this is the last blast of summer & autumn will be along soon. I'm enjoying playing with the iPad. It's more convenient than revving up the PC if I just want to look something up (as I did this morning doing the crossword at breakfast) &, of course, I can have it with me in the cool lounge room when it's too hot to be in the study.


  5. I can understand how depressing snow after a week of spring would be &, of course, our seasons aren't usually that extreme. We've only had a couple of really hot spells this summer, I'm just happier in the cooler months.


  6. Well, we certainly always talk about the weather in Melbourne, it can be very changeable. I never complain about cold or rain (except when I have washing to dry, of course) but I really dislike this heat. Oh well, cool change due tomorrow!


  7. Ah, don't I, a Canadian accustomed to such summer temps wish I were there instead of here in England where there is no weather … it is never hot, nor is it cold.

    Looking forward to your review as I have read several positive reviews of the book.

    Anne in Cambridge


  8. Anne, I'd be happy with no weather for a while. Cool change has finally arrived, 45mm of rain since last night. Still a bit humid but should be gone by tomorrow morning & a fine, mild week ahead. Hopefully the beginning of autumn. I really enjoyed Hope Road, my review will be up tomorrow.


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