My gardening companions

What better way to start the working week than looking at pictures of cats? Especially cats who also double as garden supervisors. So, we have Lucky keeping an eye on the zucchini plants,

and Phoebe asleep in a plant pot. I’ve just removed the climbing plants that were in this pot on the back porch as they’d died & I want to try something else when the weather cools down a bit. Phoebe thought I’d removed the plants because they were in her way. Of course.

Have a happy Monday wherever you are.

8 thoughts on “My gardening companions

  1. Yes, I'll have to check whether Phoebe prefers honeysuckle or jasmine before I replant. Of course, she'd rather I left it empty. It's not as though she doesn't have a perfectly comfortable bed…


  2. As I've got a collie instead of cats, I let you picture what it does to my plants when she decides that she will sleep in a particular spot where I usually put pansies or begonias…After some attempts, I've decided to have only little pots, too little, actually, for Honey…


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