Muriel Spark Reading Week

Simon & Harriet are hosting a Reading Week in April about all things Muriel Spark. I think Spark is a brilliant choice as her novels are all quite short so easily read in a week, her books are readily available & she wrote fiction & non-fiction. I’m going to swim against the fictional tide & reread her book on Emily Brontё, first published in 1960 & last read by me in the 1980s. It was written with Derek Stanford & examines the life & the work with special reference to the poetry. As you can see from the lovely badge created by Thomas, Muriel Spark Reading Week runs from April 23-29. Visit Simon & Harriet’s blogs for all the details about how it will work.

10 thoughts on “Muriel Spark Reading Week

  1. Marie-Josee, I have a Penguin edition of Miss Brodie which I read many years ago. I may have time for a reread as all MS's books are quite short. I don't have any Folios of her books but I'm sure they're beautiful editions.


  2. You are blessed if you've got enough time to read! Being a teacher, I spend a lot of my time reading essays not beautifully written by my students…

    I just read the Wikipedia's article about Muriel Spark : interesting indeed! I look forward for the posts in april!


  3. Even though I work full-time, I'm lucky that I do have time for reading in the evenings & at weekends. If I have a busy, social weekend (doesn't happen often, I admit), I feel quite deprived of my reading time. Muriel Spark was an interesting writer & I'm looking forward to all the posts during MSRW.


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