Six months on…

It’s been six months since Lucky & Phoebe came to live with me & here are a few photos I took the other night. It’s always easier to get photos of Phoebe because she loves to pose.

Lucky is shyer but it was such a lovely, warm evening that she was too comfortable to move. I think this is a particularly serene photo. Actually they both look content (they’ve just had dinner) & quite pleased with life.

It’s been an exciting six months. I’ve had to learn to worry less & trust that Phoebe knows what she’s doing & won’t fall off the roof & that Lucky will always return from her wanderings around the neighbourhood.  They get on together quite well although they’re not at the curling up together for a snooze stage yet. They both sleep at the bottom of my bed, just on opposite sides. We’ve had a lovely time getting to know each other & as long as I keep up the expected standards of service, I hope they’ll be with me for many years to come.
If you want to remember the early days, have a look here & here.

8 thoughts on “Six months on…

  1. They're such pretty girls! Do they get along well or is one more dominate? I have two female cats and they do get along very well, but if one has a favorite sleeping spot, often the other one will bully her away so she can take it over! They look quite contented–Phoebe especially!


  2. Dani, I would say Phoebe is the dominant one although Lucky is much more confident & less cowed by her than she was at first. They have their favourite sleeping places & as long as they don't invade each other's space, they're happy to co-exist most of the time.


  3. How lovely to see them again, they obviously love the life you have given them. What is it they say dogs have owners, cats have staff!

    Look forward to more photographs over the year.


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