Sorting out the new e-reader… & a bit of a ramble

My faithful e-reader, basic but easy to use, conked out a couple of weeks ago. My friend P thinks it was the CPU as I couldn’t access any of the books, all I could see were little grey thumbnails (& the only excuse for grey book covers is Persephone books which these weren’t). So, I decided that I would look around for a new e-reader with a few more whiz bang features.

I decided on the new Sony Touch with wi-fi. I won’t go through all my struggles with Adobe not talking to the Sony Reader or the number of registration forms I had to fill in for just about every move I made. All I will say is that, after a couple of hours of me talking to the PC & the PC not talking back to me, the Sony Reader miraculously found the e-books I had stored on Adobe & whizzed them across to the Sony Reader & I somehow worked out how to get them on the new reader. Then, I needed a Bex & a good lie down. Just today (because I needed a week’s recovery time), I managed to get the free e-books I had stored on my PC onto the reader so I’m feeling quite pleased. I’m not very clever with technology so this is an achievement, believe me!

The Sony Touch is smaller & much lighter than my old e-reader. I’m enjoying the increased functionality. It’s much easier to move through a book (now I can type in a page number. Before I could only move through a book by increments of 5%. Awkward but it did wonders for my maths skills). I can bookmark, use the dictionary & I even tried out the wi-fi at work & was able to download a book from our e-library.

I have been reading (Alexandra Harris’s excellent biography of Virginia Woolf) & I will be posting a review & a poem over the next couple of days but I need to walk away from the PC for a bit. I’ve started the next Julia Probyn book by Ann Bridge now that I’m e-able again & it’s just as good as the previous books in the series.

I also want to mention a new feature on Blogger. I can now reply directly to a comment rather than my replies being at the bottom of the list. Anyone can reply to a comment of course but when a conversation starts as it sometimes does, it will be easier to keep track.

Some book news to end this ramble. Virago are going to reprint two novels by Angela Thirkell in December. High Rising & Wild Strawberries. I haven’t read any Thirkell but I know there are many fans out there. I’ve always thought I should read Thirkell one day & I have an omnibus on the tbr shelves so I may be inspired this year. I’m sure I’m going to want to buy the Viragos, can’t wait to see the covers.

6 thoughts on “Sorting out the new e-reader… & a bit of a ramble

  1. VMC publishing Thirkell? That is thrilling news! I already have copies of both titles (two of the few I do own) but, with the gorgeous covers Virago has been doing recently, I'm sure I'll want to add these editions to my collection. You've absolutely made my day by passing on this news!


  2. Claire, Virago did publish one Thirkell – Trooper to the Southern Cross – a historical novel back in the old classic green cover days. I'd have thought Thirkell would have been below the Whipple line in the old days but they've broadened their remit in recent years, haven't they? I can't imagine Daphne Du Maurier would have been considered a Virago author once either.


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