One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four Book…and Five

Simon at Stuck in a Book came up with this lovely meme a little while ago & now he’s invited us to do it again. It’s a great way to see what everyone else is reading & focus my mind on what I want to read next. So, here goes.

1. The book I’m reading now.

A Lighthearted Quest by Ann Bridge, one of the Bloomsbury Reader e-books I downloaded the other day. As it’s an eight book series, I thought I should make a start. I’ve almost finished it & loved it so I’ll be posting about it soon.

2. The last book I finished.

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley which I loved & posted about here.

3. The next book I want to read.

Now, this is the hard part! As it’s almost November, I’ve put a couple of books about WWI on the tbr pile. I’ve had these books for over 5 years so I’d like to read them soon. A VAD in France by Olive Dent was first published in 1917 & An Airman’s Wife by Aimee McHardy is based on the letters between Aimee & her husband.

However, as it’s Halloween, I probably should read a ghost story or two tonight if I’m brave enough. Maybe something by M R James as I have this newly reissued volume of his stories.

4. The last book I bought.

Well, I’ve been on a bit of a spree lately with e-books & other goodies but I can’t go past the new Persephone titles for Autumn/Winter. Dinners for Beginners by Rachel & Margaret Ryan, No Surrender by Constance Maud & the one I’ll probably read first, Greenbanks by Dorothy Whipple.

5. The last book I was given.

Well, no one gives me books as I’m so hard to buy for. I can’t imagine why that would be. Anyway, I’ve been sent a review copy of Victoria Hislop’s new novel, The Thread. So, that will have to count as a gift, which it is in a way.

7 thoughts on “One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four Book…and Five

  1. I am looking forward to The Thread, I am hoping that it is as good as her first and better than her second.

    Look forward to hearing all about your books.


  2. I received a review copy of The Thread too. I haven't read it yet but am looking forward to it, as I've never read anything by Victoria Hislop before. And the new Persephone books sound wonderful, though I'm trying to resist buying them for a while because I still have some unread Persephones on my shelf that I should really read first.


  3. Lisa May, Lyn McDonald's Roses of No Man's Land is another excellent book about the personal experiences of nurses in WWI. I'm looking forward to Olive's story. Jo & Helen, I haven't read any Victoria Hislop so I'm intrigued by this one.


  4. For so many years I've been intending to read MR James, and never felt brave enough… and now it's winter and it'll be too dark for me to read them, so it'll have to wait til next summer! đŸ˜‰


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