Settling in

Well, 10 days after moving in, Phoebe & Lucky are relaxed & feeling more at home. I still haven’t taken them outside & I’m worried about Phoebe as she’s such a daredevil, loves climbing & I’m concerned that she’ll wander. I never had to worry about Abby because she was an elderly cat when she came to live with me & never climbed further than my lap. Phoebe has been on top of the laundry cupboard, the fridge & the top of the blinds in the lounge room as well as sitting on every window sill in the house as you can see.

Lucky is much calmer. She also enjoys looking out the window but from a more sedate distance. She loves sitting on the TV unit (notice the expensive but neglected cat tree in the background). They do use the cat tree as a scratching pole which is great but neither of them want to sit on it, although I think Phoebe used it as a launching pad for her trip to the top of the blinds this morning. Lucky loves sitting on my lap. As soon as I sit down, she’s there.

I try to give Phoebe some lap time when Lucky’s asleep in her other favourite spot, burrowed into Abby’s old rug . It must be a need for security as she loves burrowing right into it. I’ve also rearranged the furniture so there’s room for Phoebe to curl up on her blanket next to me in the evenings when Lucky’s on my lap. (Phoebe’s half-asleep on my lap at the moment).

They’ve been getting on quite well together. A few spats & Phoebe likes to play when Lucky isn’t in the mood but they’ve been rubbing noses as well. They both love chasing after little balls with bells in them although Phoebe’s broken the feather on a stick already! I may be able to fix it with a strong elastic band…  So, apart from my worries about letting them outside, we’re getting on very well. I went back to work on Monday & they seem fine left alone all day. Happy to see me at night, of course, because they know it’s dinner time.

As to books, well, I’m reading Sir Walter Scott’s The Talisman with my 19th century book group. It’s one of his tales of the Crusades &, after a slow start, it’s become quite exciting. Lots of conflict & tension in love & war. I’m also halfway through Maria Edgeworth’s The Absentee, about a young man exploring his Irish heritage in early 19th century England & Ireland. Lots of social comedy & a romance that seems doomed but all may not be lost. I hope to finish it tomorrow. This afternoon I’m off to see the new version of Jane Eyre at the movies. The reviews have been quite good so I hope it’s a good adaptation & they’ve used lots of the original dialogue!

8 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Glad to hear the kitties are settling in nicely! Looking forward to hearing what you think of this adaptation of Jane Eyre. While I thoroughly enjoyed it my favourite is still the one with Samantha Morton and Ciaran Hinds.

    There is a handknit shawl that Jane wears in the new film that quickly made the rounds on Ravelry, a knitting forum.


  2. Rose & Darlene, I liked the film, it was much better than several of the other movie versions. My favourite is still the 1980s mini series with Zelah Clarke & Timothy Dalton but I did like the way this new version was strusctured, beginning with Jane leaving Thornfield & telling her story in flashbacks. I also loved the music, thought Mia W was very good as Jane, less enthusiastic about Michael F as Rochester. But why must they always have someone hanging around the ruins of Thornfield (Mrs Fairfax this time) just when Jane returns to tell her the story? This time, they skipped Ferndean & had Rochester living in the ruins with Mrs F. Anyway, it's sent me back to read the book for at least the 20th time so I may have to post about it & also maybe watch some of the other versions again. I have several on DVD. I've always been fond of the Susannah York & George C Scott version from the early 70s. Beautiful soundtrack, although the story quite truncated as it always has to be in a 2 hour movie. Bekahjane, thanks for visiting. I'm glad you like the quote.


  3. Your new cats are lovely. I hope you might consider keeping them safe and happy as indoor cats. As I was walking in my neighborhood yesterday, I saw a poster for a sweet little cat that's missing. I know the horror of having a cat disappear. I still wonder what happened to him. All my cats since then have been indoor cats, safe from dogs, wild animals, cruel people, cars, diseases, and happy to play with their toys, nap, and watch the outdoors from indoors ( and not kill birds!).


  4. Joan, I've always had indoor/outdoor cats & I'd like Lucky & Phoebe to be the same. I like having open doors & windows in summer & it would be impossible to keep them in.


  5. I would be inclined to keep Lucky and Phoebe in the house for a bit longer to give them even longer to get settled.
    Admittedly it has been a while since I had to settle an older cat in (my current felines are Marlow (9) and Merlin and Minerva (brother and sister tabbies who are 7) and I have had them all from kittens but when we last moved house, the vet advised us to keep our adult cats in for a month to make sure they were completely used to their new home.


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