Introducing Lucky & Phoebe

I’ve had a very exciting few days as I’ve adopted two cats, Lucky & Phoebe. I knew when I lost Abby in May that I would have to get another cat, preferably two so they could be companions for each other while I’m at work. I took a few days off work last week just to have a break & also because I was ready to look for my cats & I wanted to have a few days at home with them so we can get to know each other.

I went to the Animal Aid shelter at Coldstream on Tuesday to visit the cattery & see who might want to come home with me. They have a lovely website with lots of photos, videos & information on the cats (& dogs) available for adoption. I was looking for older cats as I know they can be hard to find homes for but I really didn’t have any ideas except that I didn’t want kittens.

Lucky is 3 1/2. She was left at the shelter when her owners moved house. She had been an outdoor cat, locked in a shed at night & seeing her curled up in a basket in front of the heater just made me want to take her home straight away. I felt she hadn’t had a lot of affection in her life so far. She came right up to me & rubbed against me & was happy to be patted & talked to. She’s a tabby with gorgeous green eyes. I haven’t been able to get many photos of her because she’s either been sleeping under my bed or right next to me, following me around or sitting on my lap.

She’s on the desk as I’m writing this, looking out of the window. She loves looking out the window, as you can see here. I set up a cat tree with platforms & a scratching post near the front window & they’ve both been on that but Lucky is just as happy sitting on the TV unit watching the birds & the dog walkers going by.

Phoebe is just over 12 months old & is already the daredevil, mischievous one of the pair. I have lots of photos of her because she’s always on the go. Here she is on the computer desk just before she jumped over to my rolltop desk & inspected the books. Then, she thought climbing the bookshelves was a good idea. Luckily she can’t get very high, too many books! I think she looks quite a bit like Abby which is probably what attracted me to her. She also loves being up high. While Lucky loves my lap, Phoebe has decided that laying along the top of the chair behind my head is pretty cosy. Keeping Phoebe off the kitchen bench is my big challenge at the moment.

She does sleep though as you can see. Usually when she’s exhausted herself running after the ball I throw around for her or trying to eat the feather on a stick.

They came home on Thursday & spent the first afternoon exploring the house & getting to know me. They’re a bit wary of each other. There have been a few spats but they’ve also rubbed noses a few times & I’m trying to give them equal time so I hope they’ll get along. It’s lovely having someone to talk to & it’s been great to have time to get to know them a little. We haven’t ventured outside yet, probably next weekend. I can’t wait for some warmer weather so I can get some photos of them in the garden. It’s just as well I’m going back to work on Monday, I could quite easily stay home all the time with these two to play with.

17 thoughts on “Introducing Lucky & Phoebe

  1. They're both so sweet and lucky girls to have found a nice, comfy home with you! 🙂 I have a tabby with green eyes–much like Lucky–and mine is quite inquisitive, too. They both like sitting on the top of the chair I have at my computer when I am sitting there. I hope they'll be great friends!


  2. They are both beautiful cats – and certainly have a look of mischief about them.

    Look forward to seeing more pictures of them over the next few months. I think the cats choose the person not the other way round.

    Wish I was allowed cats in my flat….


  3. What a darling pair! Maybe Phoebe just wanted to read something that was on the top shelf? And lucky Lucky and Phoebe to find such a good home. Susan E


  4. They are lovely and so personable! You are lucky (or smart) for having chosen such wonderful cats, and they are lucky for sharing your home. Like Danielle, I too have a tabby with green eyes – my Pindar – who looks very much like Lucky. She rules us all. Enjoy the beautiful loves!


  5. Thank you everyone. It's true that they chose me rather than the other way around. We're settling into a routine already & I go back to work tomorrow so there'll be no more of this lingering over the morning paper with Phoebe dozing on my lap! I hope to have lots of photos & posts about them in future.


  6. Thanks Rose. All went well today as I had to go back to work. They seemed happy to see me & not too traumatised after a day alone. Lucky is on my lap as I type & Phoebe is causing havoc in the lounge room.


  7. Thank you Simon & Liz, all's going well so far. Lucky's become much more relaxed & is happy to let me out of her sight (although she's on my lap now). They've settled in very happily & it's nice to have someone to come home to.


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