Blogger asleep on the job?

There seems to be a continuing problem with Blogger allowing visitors to leave comments on some blogs. I had an email this morning from a friend who couldn’t leave a comment here & I’ve started wondering if anyone else reading my blog is having this problem. Simon at Stuck In A Book also mentioned it here & it’s even more frustrating for him as he’s trying to run a competition at the moment. Imagine desperately wanting to enter Simon’s competition & not being able to leave a comment?

I’ve recently had an increase in visitors, which is lovely, but I’ve not had many more comments. Maybe you’re all lurkers, which is fine, but if you’re bursting to leave a comment & Blogger is frustrating you, that’s annoying.

I’ve made a couple of changes to my Comments settings & I hope that makes it easier. I’ll keep trying to trawl through Blogger’s Help section & hope that either there’s a magic solution or everyone delurks & lets me know you’re here! Obviously if you can’t leave a comment, you can’t tell me there’s a problem but feel free to email me at my Hotmail address over on the right.

I don’t have any photos of Abby at the computer so I’ve illustrated the sleeping part of my post title & used this very typical shot of Abby looking supremely uninterested in anything except sleeping in the sun. If I had tried to explain my frustrations with Blogger to Abby, this would probably have been her response. Any excuse for a reminder of my Abby.

I’ll be back to bookish matters tomorrow with a post about the cover design of books & what we, as readers, think about it.

15 thoughts on “Blogger asleep on the job?

  1. I was about to say that you need to do the comments/settings thing but I think you may have done it already.

    I too have had a huge increase in visitors to my blog… quadrupled in fact. Interesting to hear this has happened to someone else. Comments haven't increased, like you, so I'm at a complete loss to understand it.


  2. My traffic has increased as well – which makes me slightly distrustful of the statistics, unless of course all those hits are people trying to leave a single comment and getting redirected round in circles!


  3. Cath, I read about the Comments change on the help page so I've tried it & I'll see what happens. DR I'm a bit surprised at the sudden increase in visitors but they seem to be coming from blogs I know so I was feeling pleased rather than suspicious! However, now that you & Cath say the same thing, I'm starting to wonder.


  4. I had the comments problem two weeks ago and had to revert to defaults in order to enable commenting. And then since last Wednesday I've been seeing lots of additional visits via those blogger blogs that show my lastest post in their blogroll, but not those that only have a link, and not wordpress ones. The visits look real, but they don't register in Google Analytics, which seems a little suspicious.


  5. Curiouser & curiouser! You're right, the big increase in visits is from other Blogger blogs that list my latest post. Well, I'll just keep monitoring it & see what happens. I've also been mentioned on a couple of other non-Blogger blogs this last week so I thought the extra visits may have come from those links. Who knows?


  6. Oh dear! While I've been able to leave comments on your blog, Lyn, I've had problems with others. Unticking the 'stay signed in' box has helped when signing in to Google. And count me in as another blogger with decreased comments but increased viewing. This latest escapade is not instilling confidence is it?


  7. I just sent you an email {before I read these comments) but I'm in the same increased-visitor boat as Cath, Darlene and Desperate Reader and you. I think it does have something to do with those blogrolls. One site is suddenly kindly sending me over 100 visitors a day! I'm just going to believe it. 🙂


  8. Yes… as Karyn says the additional comments are coming from folk who have me on their blogroll and that show some of my latest post. That seems very odd to me but like Audrey I think I'll just believe it… and enjoy it while it's happening. 🙂


  9. Lovely Abby! Can't wait to see your rose garden in bloom! 🙂 And I have been lucky and not encountered any Blogger comment problems, though there are sometimes a number of steps to get through to get the comment posted! I have, however, had my comments eaten up by gremlins, which is always annoying. Hopefully the problem is fixed!


  10. Dani, I haven't heard from anyone having trouble so, if there were problems, maybe the change I made to the Comments page has fixed it. I hope to have photos of the rose garden next week. If the weather improves a little, we'll be planting on Friday.


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