The Royal Wedding

On the day of the wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton, here are a few of my favourite pictures from royal weddings of the past. Queen Victoria famously proposed to Prince Albert (photo above from and her dress set the fashion for white wedding dresses when they married in 1840.

Victoria & Albert’s eldest son, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales married Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 (photo from A beautiful bride & another wedding that stopped the nation.

Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Alix of Hesse married Tsar Nicholas II in 1894 (photo from A marriage that began & ended in tragedy but Nicholas & Alexandra were a devoted couple, very much in love until their deaths during the Russian Revolution.

I’ll be sitting up tonight to watch the whole thing. Luckily, it all begins at about 7.30pm Melbourne time so I won’t have to prop my eyes open to stay awake. Abby & I will settle down with a pot of tea & enjoy all the pageantry. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.

5 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding

  1. What fun! I love that painting of Nicholas & Alexandra's wedding. I must also say how jealous I am of you getting to watch the wedding at such a civilized hour! But I do love the idea that millions upon millions of people around the Commonwealth, around the world, were all watching it at the same time.


  2. I wish I were young enough and strong enough to wake up very late or is it much too early? To watch the wedding on tv. I did it for Diane and Charles and look where that ended up. But still, I believe in romance. I believe in 'happily ever after' or, at least, I pretend to. Nice post.


  3. Well, I stayed up for the kiss on the balcony at about 10.30pm & then went to bed. I thought it was lovely. Loved the dress, the music, the Abbey looked gorgeous & her flowers were perfect, all very classic & understated.


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