7 thoughts on “Hot Cross Bun time again

  1. Yum! I make hot cross buns this time of year too. I adapted my recipe for the bread maker so I don't have to do the kneading, which makes them even more enjoyable to make. I usually end up making 5 or 6 batches and giving some away, but my favorite part is eating them! Happy Easter!


  2. Well, they didn't last long! I don't know why I never bother making fruit buns without the crosses any other time of year. Maybe I should make the effort during the winter.


  3. Thanks Val, they were all gone by lunchtime so that's a good sign. Darlene they really are better than bought ones. My recipe has some oats in it & it makes a really dense bun that is very filling. They look homemade too because I can never get the buns a uniform size. Some of the buns were so huge, two people would share one.


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