5 thoughts on “Abby’s autumn afternoon

  1. Such wonderful relaxation! I must say, Lyn, your autumn sounds much nicer than our 'Spring' which so far has been a giant dud. This morning I had to wear a winter coat to walk my little Rocky.


  2. Darlene, we're both enjoying the cooler days but the sunshine the last couple of days has been lovely. It's just the right temperature for sun worshipping. Thank you Cristina, I didn't even realise the alliteration until I'd written it! Yvette, Abby spends most of her life in that happy, half-asleep mode. This morning was foggy & a bit chill, so she spent a few hours on the couch with the heater on. Now the sun's out & she's outside moving from one sunny spot to the next. Jo, yes, it's a cat's life indeed. We should be so lucky!


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