Abby’s Saturday morning

Abby loves leaves, preferably brown autumn leaves. She loves sitting in them, rolling around in them & sleeping in them. This morning she was out in the garden, enjoying the warmth before a cool change & rain predicted for this afternoon.

I’ll be back after lunch with a review of Kate Ellis’s new mystery novel, The Jackal Man. I loved it, couldn’t put it down. An excellent addition to one of my favourite mystery series.

4 thoughts on “Abby’s Saturday morning

  1. Vintage Reading, I think cats are serene because, when they're well looked after & loved, they have nothing whatever to worry about! The life of Reilly indeed. We did get the cool change yesterday afternoon & 25mm of very welcome rain so today has been cooler & greyer. Abby's asleep on my reading chair at the moment, already getting into winter mode.


  2. Cristina, we're having a proper autumn this year. My big tree is only just dropping its leaves. The last few drought years it was dropping leaves just after Christmas which was heartbreaking. More rain forecast for tomorrow.


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