My Life in Books

I feel very flattered to be a part of Simon’s week of interviews with bloggers & blog readers, My Life in Books, at his blog, Stuck In A Book. He’s modelled it on the recent UK TV series which featured celebrities talking about their favourite books. Every day two bloggers or readers are featured & I’m honoured to have been paired with Simon’s mother, Anne, affectionately known as Our Vicar’s Wife. If you would like to read about our literary influences, just pop over here. Yesterday’s blogger was Cornflower, whose gorgeous blogs on books, food, flowers & Edinburgh I’ve read for ages & Karen in TX, a blog reader who is an enthusiastic commenter on many of the blogs I read. I can’t wait to see who pops up tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “My Life in Books

  1. Just read the post and it was really good! Thanks for introducing me to “The Youngest Lady-in-waiting”, it sounds really cute! And I have to agree with you about “The Provincial Lady”, it is such a fantastic book.


  2. Such a fun thing for Simon to do and it must have taken him ages to put it all together! I was interested to read that your parents left school early…so did mine. Where this gene comes from to read voraciously and learn something new every day comes from I have no idea!

    Oh, and Simon was the person who introduced me to Persephone Books so in a round-about way I have you to thank as well, Lyn.


  3. Willa, I hope you can find a copy of YLIW in a library as it's very expensive secondhand. Thank you for thanking me, Darlene! Simon read a review of a Persephone I'd put on Amazon (Family Roundabout), emailed me & the rest is history. Jo, I agree. Maybe next year he'll choose other bloggers.


  4. Just found your blog and really like it … have been browsing through older posts and have seen many things which strike chords with me … hope to look in again.
    Margaret P


  5. Thank you Margaret, I'm glad you like it. Simon's full of good ideas, Vintage Reading, I'm sure he'll come up with something equally surprising nect time!


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