Virago Reading Week – the pictures

I’m afraid my entry for the Virago photo competition can’t compete with the delightful photos of Viragos with cat models at Rochester Reader or the delightful pinny-wearing dog with Viragos at Roses Over a Cottage Door. I’m afraid Abby isn’t really amenable to posing on a pile of books. She’s asleep in the shrubbery at the moment, anyway. So, I’m going to pinch a couple of photos from an earlier post I wrote about Virago Modern Classics back in November.

It was a post about my love for the original green Viragos & the gorgeous artwork they used. The photo at the top of the post shows the Viragos I still have on the tbr shelves. As I’ve read a couple of Viragos this week, thanks to Rachel & Carolyn, the pile has been lessened by two! I have no idea which Virago will be next. I love the look of Mary Lavelle by Kate O’Brien or one of the Daphne Du Mauriers or Rose Macaulay’s The World My Wilderness.I want to read them all at once but, apart from being greedy – & impossible – it would leave me nothing to anticipate. I love knowing that I have a handy little cache of Viragos ready when I read an enthusiastic review or someone in my online book group says Have you read…? I can say, Yes, it’s on the tbr & race over to find it. That’s what my tbr shelves are for, after all.

6 thoughts on “Virago Reading Week – the pictures

  1. I have the same edition of Dusty Answer as you have (I had to enlarge the picture to check out all your titles!), which I've been reading this week. And I wish I had A Very Great Profession by Nicola Beauman, it sounds fascinating!


  2. Glad you liked the photo of Deacon in his pinny, I crack up every time I see it!

    Thanks for sharing your delightful collection, I am lusting over your copy of At Mrs Lippincote's and the cover art for The Odd Women is gorgeous. So much nicer than my OUP edition.


  3. Fantastic Virago stack! I agree – it's always good to know you have something wonderful in reserve, isn't it? Virago Cover Art is something else – I am envious of your The Squire – I only have an old orange hardback of it.


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