Christmas cooking

I love Christmas baking. The pudding & cake were made weeks ago to the accompaniment of Christmas carols & Handel’s Messiah. Today, I got the cake out of its wrapping to take in to work for morning tea. I don’t do marzipan, just the traditional almonds dotted on the top. This year I baked the cake in my new oven so I’ll be interested to see how it turned out. Of course, I’ve been feeding it with brandy for the last 6 weeks so any deficiencies in texture or crumbliness will be well-hidden.

I’ve also made chocolate truffles as presents for some of my friends at work. I discovered these little foil cases in a kitchen shop & they look much better than the paper cases I usually use. They’re smaller than the paper cases though & you can see it took me a while to get my eye in when rolling the truffles. Still, they won’t mistake them for shop-bought ones!

5 thoughts on “Christmas cooking

  1. We've not had any Christmas sweets at work that look as yummy as those! Your coworkers are in for a treat! I'm not doing much baking this year–only my usual pecan sandies and maybe the not so tradition but very good peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I have gotten very good at making! Enjoy your Christmas cake and truffles!


  2. Those truffles look delicious! I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on Saturday but I think my co-workers would be very unhappy if I took them to work ~ we are drowning in sugar!


  3. Dani, I love chocolate chip biscuits, haven't made them for a while though.Anboleyn, most of my co-workers love chocolate & have no willpower so they'll enjoy them. The ones that are watching what they eat are very strong & are never tempted so I don't worry about taking food in for morning tea.


  4. Verity there's not much cake left. I only took it in this morning as I had an unexpected day at home waiting for the electrician & the smell of the brandy & fruit when I started cutting it up had a magnetic effect on people!


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